9 Must-Try Places For Foodies From Brisbane To Noosa

9 Must-Try Places For Foodies From Brisbane To Noosa

Last Updated on November 30, 2023

The appeal of culinary tourism is rapidly growing, with more travelers eager to explore unique gastronomic experiences in many destinations. Australia isn’t far behind, with various eating establishments welcoming visitors from all over the globe. They, too, have a food scene competitive enough to attract people who don’t even have a clue of what Australian cuisine is like.

This article zeroes in on the Brisbane to Noosa region, a wellspring for traveling food enthusiasts. If you’re a foodie on the hunt for unique dining experiences or someone keen on exploring each country’s local food scene, this guide is for you.

The Lure of Brisbane to Noosa Food Scene

The gastronomic scene from Brisbane to Noosa is a dynamic journey through diverse culinary landscapes. Starting your trip with car hire in Brisbane allows you to explore this gastronomic route at your own pace. As you travel, you’ll experience a mix of locally sourced ingredients, creative culinary methods, various flavors from around the globe, and authentic Australian dishes.

Each stop between these two locations offers its own unique dining experience. With bustling market stalls and serene beachfront restaurants, this region caters to every palate. Whether sampling street food or savoring fine dining, the Brisbane to Noosa stretch promises a memorable culinary adventure.

Culinary Highlights for Foodies from Brisbane To Noosa

1. Eat Street Northshore

A visit to Brisbane isn’t complete without exploring Eat Street Northshore. This bustling dining precinct creatively adapts shipping containers as the base for a wide range of international food stalls, each offering various cuisines.

Each container presents unique flavors, from spicy Thai to classic American burgers and freshly made churros. Plus, the vibrant atmosphere, live music, and string lights add a magical touch to your dining experience.

2. South Bank Parklands

The South Bank Parklands area is another culinary gem. Here, restaurants and cafes line the picturesque Brisbane River, providing a varied dining experience. Popolo Italian’s blend of rustic and modern Italian dishes caters to various dining experiences, from romantic dinners to family outings. Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant, in contrast, immerses diners in Turkish culinary traditions, enhanced by its vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

3. New Farm

New Farm, known for its chic and contemporary vibe, is a hotspot for food enthusiasts. In this area, the enticing scents of freshly made coffee and gourmet dishes permeate the surroundings. 

At the heart of it is Watt Restaurant and Bar, combining stunning river views with a menu that showcases the best local produce. The area’s diverse culinary scene ensures there’s something to satisfy every craving.

4. Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba delights visitors with its beachside charm and culinary offerings. Famous for its fresh seafood, it boasts places like Land & Sea Brewery, highlighting local brews and ocean flavors.

Infusions Restaurant offers a more intimate setting, serving innovative dishes that blend local ingredients with international flair. And for those after a casual bite, The Curious Squire excels in American-style comfort food.

5. Cotton Tree

The Surf Club at Cotton Tree is a local dining icon. Perched overlooking Cotton Tree Beach, it provides a relaxed atmosphere for enjoying classic Australian dishes with a modern twist. Whether enjoying a hearty breakfast after a morning swim or a sunset dinner, the combination of great food and stunning views makes it a memorable spot.

6. Noosa Heads

Noosa Heads is a bustling culinary paradise, attracting tourists and locals alike. Here, various eateries, especially seafood ones, cater to diverse palates, offering dishes crafted with the freshest local catch. Hastings Street, the heart of Noosa, is dotted with boutique cafes and restaurants, each providing a unique taste and atmosphere, ensuring your culinary journey here is as eclectic as it is delicious.

7. Eumundi Markets

Eumundi Markets, open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, is a must-visit for food lovers. This lively marketplace hosts various stalls, each presenting an array of international and regional foods. The market is a melting pot of flavors, from handmade dumplings to German sausages. The energetic setting, live music, and regional crafts create a memorable outing.

8. Flaxton Gardens Restaurant and Café

Flaxton Gardens is an exquisite escape into culinary elegance. Nestled within beautiful gardens, this acclaimed restaurant features a seasonal menu, guaranteeing each meal is bursting with freshness and taste. They highlight local produce in their dishes, delivering a dining experience that represents the culinary essence of the Sunshine Coast.

9. Spirit House Restaurant and Cooking School

For an immersive culinary adventure, Spirit House is unparalleled. This renowned establishment, set in a lush setting, offers an experience of Asian cuisine. The cooking school provides classes on Asian cuisine, including popular dishes like crispy duck.

Beyond The Plate: Immersive Food Experiences

The region offers more than just dining opportunities. Engage in culinary classes, attend food and wine festivals, or go on foraging adventures. These experiences present the chance to interact with local chefs and food experts, giving insight into Brisbane and Noosa’s culinary roots.


Exploring the food scene is a crucial part of any travel experience. As such, you must check out the culinary options available from Brisbane to Noosa when you’re there.

This list is just a starting point in the region’s rich culinary landscape. Explore and find your favorite spots in the local food landscape. You might find unexpected culinary delights.

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