Checklist to follow when planning a trip to Florida

Checklist to follow when planning a trip to Florida

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Traveling is close to many people’s hearts since who doesn’t like getting caught up in the thrill of adventure? It is exciting to visit new places, try different cuisines, and see diversified cultures. If you are looking for a combination of fantastic beaches, theme parks, and natural sites, this checklist to follow when planning a trip to Florida is right what you need!

These days, people are looking for a vacation spot that offers everything – sunny beaches, spectacular tourist attractions, and scenic beauty. Believe it or not, but there is no better place than Florida, the Atlantic surrounds it on one side, and the Gulf of Mexico on other. For entertainment, Florida is the world capital for theme parks allowing you to relive your childhood fantasy and have an amazing time with your family. And for history, culture, nightlife, and shopping, Florida has so much to offer. Orlando, in particular, are not only home to famous theme parks but also to great bar and restaurants. In fact, you can find various restaurants near ICON park that offer international dishes such as greek and spanish cuisines.

However, to make this trip memorable, you have to plan for things beforehand. You need to consider the climate, traveling time, plans, and luggage weight. Thus, you have to prepare and decide everything beforehand – from your hotel reservations to accessories you will carry. So, to make this a little easy for you, here is a checklist to follow when planning a trip to Florida.

1. Book Your Hotel

Florida has become a popular tourist destination, and finding a hotel after arrival is out of the question. Therefore, you have to make early reservations to make sure you get a room with the best balcony view. However, before calling the shots, assess your budget to see whether it permits a 5-star hotel stay or not. Honestly, it is not necessary to cough up money on expensive hotels, especially when you can get cheap hotels near Galaxy’s Edge, offering scenic views. There are many hotel deals in Orlando that help you save a few bucks and allow your budget to make room for other exciting things. In fact, you can View Deal here to learn more about Westgate Resorts!


2. Book Some Thrilling Adventures


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Love rollercoasters? Some people have the thrill of doing adventurous things. If you are one of them, then Florida brings you one of the top roller coasters at Universal Orlando, Typhoon Orlando, and Blizzard beach. Similarly, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, then don’t miss the chance of delving into forests, jungles, and estuaries. Tourists love to catch sight of iguanas and pythons, whereas there is a lot more wildlife in Florida. If you are in the mood of some water activities, Florida has something different to offer – airboats. You get to witness a thrilling high-speed boating experience with a tour of wildlife pigs.

3. Go to Kennedy Space Center


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Some people dream of becoming an astronaut, and this is the ideal place to relive your NASA dream. It is one of the biggest attractions and it should be on your list when planning a trip to Florida. People from every corner of the world come to take a glance at real NASA rockets and even rocks from outer space. It has a section of Rocket Garden where you get to stand in a garden, under the sky while touching a stone from outer space. You can spend your entire day here without getting hold of time. After all, the place is enormous, with various sections offering a different experience. Don’t worry, you can save your legs by taking a bus to visit the entire area.

4. Spend a Day at The Beach

Do you want to know some facts about Florida? It has more than 1,300 miles of coastline, and most of it consists of sugar-sand beaches. Thus, consider your trip to be incomplete without spending a day at the beach. Every region’s beach has its personality. You would come across inviting beaches of the northwest, while Gulf Coast beaches have the incomparable sunset view. Likewise, with more than 1500 islands, you get to explore the hidden treasures of marine life which is the best exploration place exist in Florida. You can go swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, or surfing. So, start preparing your beach bag with sunscreen, a straw hat, and sunglasses and make a booking on one of the best seafood restaurants in Florida to have the best time of your life.

5. Only Use Virtual Private Network (VPN)

At times, people fall into the trap of free public Wi-Fi without considering the potential threats. Whenever you connect your phone or laptop to the public or even hotel Wi-Fi, you become an easy target for hackers. They can quickly get into your system and misuse your credit card information in seconds. Therefore, stick to VPN to eliminate the risk of losing sensitive data. You only have to download an application, register, and enjoy using the internet safely.

6. Carry Your Prescriptions and Bug Spray

If you are taking any medications for blood pressure, thyroid, or anything, don’t forget to take them along. Although they might be readily available everywhere, medicines are quite expensive in the United States. Also, to avoid any issues, you can check with the US embassy to make sure your medications are legal in the United States. Furthermore, if you have plans for outdoor activities, then bug spray is a must-have to keep pesky critters away and save yourself from Lyme disease.

7. Book Disney World Accommodations


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Everyone wants to experience visiting Disney World, and there couldn’t be a better time than when you are planning a trip to Florida. It is the most renowned theme park worldwide since it has four massive parks, full of entertainment. You can head over to a water park, tower terror for some horror thrill, or dine at Epcot’s World Showcase. For this memorable experience, you have to make reservations for everything – character dining, photo packages, seasonal tours, and hotel accommodations.

8. Consider Weather Before Packing

Florida enjoys subtropical weather with rainy summers and brisk winters. If you are planning to visit during spring or summers, carry t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, shorts, and jeans. Likewise, for winters, you have to include cardigans and sweaters. The trip is incomplete without a day at the beach, which means you have to carry beachwear. Pick a trendy swimsuit that complements your body shape, style it with a sarong, flip flops, and sunglasses. Moreover, don’t forget to pack raincoats, towels, an umbrella, and sunscreen to save yourself from the suntan.

9. Plan a Trip to National Park


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Everglades’s national park will take through countless fun activities that will blow your mind. You get to witness the most beautiful freshwater Lake Okeechobee. Likewise, you can ride through the wetlands on a fan boat or a canoe, while admiring the scenic beauty. You can also go hiking around stunning trails or visit the shark valley. This place has thrilling activities, so don’t forget to include a trip to Everglades in your checklist.

10. Don’t Forget to Pack Accessories and Gadgets

Sometimes, people refuse to pack accessories and gadgets because of space constraints. Usually, accessories include bandanas, hair clips, sunglasses, hats, and bags that don’t occupy much space. You can create a small pouch and put all these accessories at one place instead of compromising on your style statements. Moreover, don’t mind investing in a comfortable pair of shoes because you will have to walk a lot. Thus, going fancy with shoes might end you up with blisters, spoiling the trip. At the same time, carry a portable charger, and a tablet to see maps. If space becomes an issue, consider keeping these gadgets inside shoes. And as we know you will take your phone with you, make sure you follow these food Instagrammers in Miami to know where to go for the most amazing food and drinks.

Wrap Up

Planning a trip to Florida can be exciting and stressful since you fear missing out on essentials. A little homework before heading to the destination can make your trip perfect. Search about tourist attractions, famous beaches, and weather conditions to pack accordingly. After this, you can create an exclusive checklist that will cover everything about your trip. Well, if you are clueless on how to create one, we have already done that for you, have a look above.

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