Lobsters and seafood on a plate with tartar sauce in one of the best seafood restaurants in Florida.

4 Best Seafood Restaurants in Florida

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Seaside dining is by far one of the best foodie experiences that Florida has to offer. Having such a long coastline means that it will be quite a walk for you to enjoy all of the foodie spots along the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Alternatively, you can also take to the water and rent seafaring crafts like those from Clearwater Fishing Charter Boat rentals to get to some of the foodie spots faster and more conveniently. Regardless of how you want to go about your Florida foodie tour, know that you will definitely enjoy sampling all of the best Floridian delicacies in the Sunshine State.

TAKEAWAY: Did you know that among its state symbols Florida has an official state fish? Since 1975 the Florida largemouth bass has been the official state freshwater fish, while the Atlantic sailfish holds the title for the state’s official saltwater fish. Furthermore, in 1969 the horse conch or giant band shell became Florida’s official state shell.

Dining by the Sea

Nothing will get you immersed in your tour more than indulging and giving in to your gastronomic cravings in the best seafood restaurants in Florida.

The Fish House

Somewhere in Barracks St. along Pensacola Beach is the Fish House, where you can enjoy more of the state’s famed seafood offerings. Its menu often includes fresh catches of the day such as snappers and groupers to go with fresh produce. To top it all, this restaurant has a deck that gives you an amazing view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Island Way Grill

Moving on to Clearwater, the Island Way Grill takes seafood dining and combines it with Japanese influences. Enjoy crabs and freshly caught lobsters that are usually included in their daily fare. While in the restaurant, don’t forget that the kitchen can offer you six ways of preparing your food. This means that you can visit the restaurant repeatedly and enjoy an entirely different set of dishes every time. Among its specialties, apart from seafood, you will find rib-eye steaks, grilled chicken and deviled eggs.

Catch N’ Cook

If you’re up for a completely different kind of foodie experience, you can also catch your very own fish. You can then have a restaurant prepare and serve your catch for you. All you need to do is join a charter fishing boat that will take you to places where you can land your dinner. Here are some of the best seafood restaurants in Florida that will happily cook your catch for you.



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Once you get past the name, this Clearwater foodie spot has long been preparing and serving the catches from the city’s charter fishing boats. You also do not need to worry if you were not able to catch dinner as Cooters serves a fine menu that usually includes crab legs, wings with crabby shrimp dip and gator bites.

Lazy Days

Don’t let its name fool you as this Key West restaurant in Key Largo offers a lot of creative ways to cook up your bounty after a day of fishing. The resident chef at Lazy Days can have your deboned and filleted fish grilled, broiled, fried or blackened. If you went snorkeling and were able to catch some lobsters, the chef will also be glad to cook them for you.

All of these, however, barely scratch the surface of what the foodie scene in Florida can offer. For instance, it may surprise you to know that locals also love their beef and vegetables apart from their bountiful seafood. Consider this as a mini-guide to help you prepare as you explore more of the best seafood restaurants in Florida.

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