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8 Floridian Delicacies To Try In The Sunshine State

Last Updated on January 29, 2023

Florida is a state positioned in the Southeast of the US, but the native food options here can be distinguished very easily from those of its neighbors. Regardless of where you come from, you’re bound to taste the difference once you step into Florida. These are a few of the mouth-watering Floridian delicacies:

TAKEAWAY: The diversity of Floridian culture gets reflected in its rare combination of Bahamian, Haitian, Colombian, Cuban, Panamanian, Puerto Rican, and Jamaican cuisine. All of these dishes combine and deliver that vibrant cultural fusion of Florida, which gets projected in the “Floribbean” cuisine.

1. Dole Whip

Your itinerary in Florida comprises of a Dole Pineapple Whip while you’re on a visit to Disney World. You’re bound to come across few good recipes that are based on this frozen pineapple treat, which has a cult-like fan following all over the internet.

Visiting the Disney Park is a must for those that wish to taste this delicacy in its most authentic version. This refreshing and creamy delight for your taste buds is a certain treat to beat the heat when offered as a float or in a cup.

2. Cuban Sandwiches

During your stay in Southern Florida, you’ll come across the Cuban sandwich, the most eminent sandwich for the Floridians. During the early 1900’s the expats from the Cuban countryside brought up a rare combination of this classic sandwich to the state of Florida.

For all the Miami residents and visitors, it still remains a signature dish. Combining Swiss cheese, ham, pickles, and roasted pork is a unique proposition for one and all. You just can’t resist the temptation to press it within your thick Cuban bread and have it for lunch.

3. Citrus

Citrus is amongst the most famous fruits that are a must-try while you’re on a visit to Florida. The list could include a few of the likes of tangelos, grapes, and oranges. Compared to all of the other US states, the state of Florida produces the largest volume of juicy and flavored citrus.

Utilized in creating a wide variety of delicacies, these flavor bites constitute a delicious and healthy eating option. For the Floridians, a morning begins with a glass of fresh Citrus juice, which again gets coupled with seafood at lunch and adds more to the cocktail parties at night.

4. Stone Crabs

Stone crabs are amongst the most popular Floridian delicacies. Only consumption of their claws is allowed due to the stringent harvesting regulations laid down by the wildlife authorities for preserving their decreasing population.

In order to let them procreate, only a single claw is allowed to be removed out of each crab. Their meat is sweet and delicious, which tastes best when dipped in tangy mustard sauce. Get it served cold to beat the heat on a hot summer afternoon.

5. Grouper and Snapper

Out of all the bottom fishes that have grown popular in this state, you have the Snapper and Grouper. They help you feel as if you’re stranded in some distant tropical island. The Grouper being served within sandwiches teams up well with citrus, and the succulent and sweet properties of the Snapper make it a favorite with the neighboring residents.

If you’re inclined towards satisfying your taste-buds with some healthier and lighter options, then these fishes are the best options.

6. Key Lime Pie

Your visit to Florida never gets completed till you fulfill your dessert time with a fair portion of the much popular Key Lime Pie. The Florida Keys is the place of origination for this sweet and tart pie that comprises of condensed milk, egg yolks, and fresh limes.

Meringue is often used as a topping for an authentic form of the creamy version composed of a yellowish buttery crust. Don’t opt for a greenish crust!

7. Conch

Conch is a great dish that is plentiful in and around the Florida Keys. That’s one reason why you often refer to this region as the “Conch Republic.”

A shellfish like Conch yields an adequate amount of mouth-watering meat below its shells. You may get it tenderized by soaking it in lemon juice and then utilizing it for cooking fritters (by chopping them) and the Ceviche.

8. Fried Gator Bites

Florida Alligator is a certain inclusion in your list of exotic dishes. Meat from near the tail is served to visitors quite frequently, although it might seem a bit strange to some of you. The meat is presented in fritters (smaller bites) after it gets soaked in cornmeal.

Getting the meat fried is a popular way of having it, but you may even choose to get it rubbed with cheesecake or blacken it in some chowder or even get it stewed. You’ll notice a close resemblance of its taste to that of chicken.

This is a fair compilation of all Floridian delicacies that have been identified as crowd pleasers and tested over time. If you still haven’t had the time to check out The Sunshine State, a sublime visit to this American state will make a worthwhile trip. Regardless of whether you’re on a long vacation tour or on a short business trip to The Sunshine State, you can’t think of missing out on any of these delicious bites. You will be able to check out Miami Beach and Disney World while fulfilling your taste buds.

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