Vegan Foods For Digital Nomads

Top Vegan Foods For Digital Nomads Traveling The World

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

As long as you have reliable internet connectivity, a secure VPN and infallible hosting for your blogs or websites, you can pack your bags and head to whichever city or country you want to visit and set up your workstation there. That’s the beauty of living the digital nomad life.

However, life’s a little challenging for vegan digital nomads as several countries have less matured vegan cuisines. Finding food without meat, fish, eggs, and dairy becomes almost impossible when you have to depend on roadside food joints, cafes and diners day-after-day in a foreign land. So, check out the top digital nomad vegan travel blog.

Top vegan-friendly cuisines from across the world for the digital nomad

Here’s a list of cuisines and foods you should definitely try the next time you are traveling the world as a digital nomad.

1. Try low-spice South Indian dishes when traveling across India


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Although people relate tikka and butter chicken to Indian food, it is a treasure trove of vegan recipes. Especially dishes from the southern states of the country offer a rich vegan spread. Gorge on the low-calorie dosas, uttapams, appams, and idlis, swaddle them in yellow all-organic vegan daal (sambhar).

Most of these dishes contain natural probiotics, which are good for your digestive system. You can find authentic South Indian food in almost all states of India.

2. Korea has an interesting take on vegan food


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A digital nomad in Korea is in vegan food heaven. This country has a treasure trove of vegan food options for any person traveling from any corner of the world. Try tofu soon stew, japchae, bibimbap, and banchan. While ordering be sure to keep your translation app handy!

The innovative and imaginative recipes might just inspire you to start a blog about your food experiences as a digital nomad during your time in South Korea and many other countries.

3. Mediterranean cuisine has a vast collection of vegan recipes


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Vegans in Mediterranean countries can feel spoilt for choice thanks to the diverse vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts that grow in these countries.

When traveling to Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya or Morocco, you can dine out at restaurants and small cafes each day and feel right at home because a majority of their food is plant-based. Try their protein and grain-filled pita bread, hummus, tahini spreads and dips, falafel pita sandwich and wraps, tabouli, and mezze platters.

4. Discover the true flavours of Mexico


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When we think of Mexico, we hardly think about the vegan options they have. American versions of every Mexican food are heavy on meat and cheese. However, the authentic Mexican cuisine can become vegan staples. It is healthy, superbly diverse, tasty and affordable. Think guac, rice, salsa, veggies, and beans. What is there not to like?

You can find Mexican restaurants in almost every corner of the world and just ensure to ask the chef to hold the meat and dairy when prepping your meal.

5. Explore real Ethiopian cuisine with scores of vegan options


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Although Ethiopia is not at the top of the places to visit for most digital nomads, if you ever find yourself in a place with an Ethiopian restaurant, do venture! Ethiopia has a rich collection of vegan recipes and the food is colourful, flavourful and healthy.

Apart from trying the injera (flatbread), do order the Atakilt Wat, Gomen, Misir Wot, Kik Alicha, and Fasolia. Most combo vegetarian platters at Ethiopian restaurants are vegan and it is incredibly effortless to order vegan options from the regular menu in almost all Ethiopian restaurants.

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