5 Mediterranean Seafood and Sailing Best Places

5 Mediterranean Seafood and Sailing Best Places

Last Updated on November 18, 2023

With summer still well underway in the Mediterranean and COVID-19 restrictions beginning to ease up, many are looking to set sail in search of tasty food. The Mediterranean is famous for its cerulean blue waters, iconic coastlines, and a diverse range of Mediterranean seafood, so what better way to experience it all than by sailing on a Multihull Solutions boat?

The Mediterranean ocean is bordered by 22 diverse countries, so it’s no wonder there’s a wealth of places to see and things to eat. If you’re looking for sunny shores, fresh fish, interesting coastlines and seaside dining, look no farther!

1. Mussels and island hopping in Croatia


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Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular sailing and tourist destination on the Mediterranean, famous for its crystal clear waters, thousands of unique and beautiful islands, and of course, its diverse local foods.

Wherever you sail here, you’re likely to come across a local meal called Buzara, a tasty dish of mussels stewed in wine broth and garlic. It’s also well worth trying out Croatian black risotto (crni rižot), a flavorful dish which will turn your mouth and teeth black!

Start your sailing adventure in Split – it’s home to the largest marinas, and from Split, you can journey your way across the coastline and out to all the most famous islands where you will find delicious Mediterranean seafood.

2. Aegean cuisine on the Turquoise Coast


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Sharing the Aegean sea with the popular sailing destination of Greece. Turkey’s historic Turquoise Coast is becoming more and more popular with holidaymakers. This will be a popular destination for vegetarians, as the diverse coastline food includes options like Gozleme and Meze.

Seafood in Turkey is readily available and very affordable. You may find yourself visiting a fish market or two in your journeys, and enjoying your meals along with the sweet local Raki drink.

The southeast of Turkey offers the best sailing destinations, from the bustling hub of Bodrum to quiet coves and historical coastal fortresses.

3. Rich seafood and dramatic scenery in Corsica


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Corsica is known as the ‘mountain in the sea’, offering stunning landscapes as you sail its coastline. Explore the brilliantly white beaches and small, historic ports, and you might be lucky enough to meet some of Corsica’s local wildlife including the large-horned ‘A muvra’ sheep, and curious donkeys. 

Since it sits right between France and Italy, Corsican cuisine is influenced by both cultures, offering a rich palate of unique seafood. Try a wide variety of oyster and crayfish dishes, flavorful Rouget (red mullet), and trout fished from the local rivers. 

Corsica is more isolated than many Mediterranean tourist destinations, allowing a more traditional style of life, so take your time exploring the small, unique ports along the coastline, and definitely pay a visit to the beautiful cliffside town of Bonifacio and its historical eateries.

4. The Phlegraean Islands: iconic shores and delicious Italian seafood 


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This archipelago in southern Italy is well known for its history; Greek legend states that a giant named Typhon was condemned to live under the island of Ischia for eternity, which caused a number of volcanic eruptions. To this day, the islands are famous for their hot springs and dramatic volcanic rock formations.

The islands are dotted with ancient Roman remains, and their marinas and scenic landscapes are some of the most photographed in Italy. Sail past iconic colourful Italian coastal waterfronts and precipitous cliffs, and of course, dig into the famous Italian seafood cuisine.

In Italy, and specifically the Naples area, seafood comes in all forms: pasta, stew, pizza, rolls, fried, and in raw cuts. Try tender grilled squid or spaghetti alle vongole, a famous local dish that literally translates to ‘spaghetti and clams’, the perfect comfort food after a long day sailing and exploring. Enjoy these dishes alongside a local limoncello at a beautiful seaside restaurant with stunning ocean views.

The Phlegraean Islands are just off the equally beautiful coast of Naples, and not far from the famous sailing destination of Capri, if you wish to extend your adventures!

5. Vibrant coastlines and paella on the Valencian coast


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An underrated gem amongst Mediterranean sailing destinations, Valencia and its surroundings offer vibrant seaside cityscapes, classic Mediterannean tranquil seas, and a rich tableau of local Spanish food

Valencia itself is the home of one of the most famous Spanish dishes, paella, and offers the vibrancy and intricate culture of a city after your time island hopping. While the crowds are drawn north to Barcelona or east to Ibiza you can cruise along the sun-drenched Valencian coastline down to Alicante, enjoying paella, gambas al ajillo (sauteed shrimp), and the old fisherman’s favourite, espetos (grilled sardines). 

Whether you’re in search of Mediterranean seafood you should try fresh raw ‘Mediterranean sashimi’, spicy seafood stews, or an old fashioned grill, the seafood cuisine of the Mediterranean is rich and shaped by the diverse cultures that surround it. With dozens of delicious meals and countless incredible sights to see, there’s no time like the present to set sail.

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