Delicacies To Try When In Singapore

Weird And Wonderful Delicacies To Try When In Singapore

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

Forget Bak Kut Teh and Dim Sum. Singapore has a palate as vast as the ocean itself. And for travelers, you haven’t truly lived until you’ve tried these. For celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, milder dishes such as chili crab is as exotic as it gets, but for those who tuck into the heart of Singaporean culture, the delicacies are a little more diverse. Suddenly, dishes change from a-little-out-there to the downright weird, and there is an entire subculture that thrives on these delicacies. Find out some of the weirdest and wonderful delicacies to try when in Singapore.

The Hunter Becomes The Hunted


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While many countries consider a safe distance between them and various predators to be a few hundred feet, Singaporeans have discovered that these predators taste really good. Shark meat nuggets are surprisingly flavorful and tender, considering the ferocious nature of the predator. The nuggets are served with a satisfying Lor Mee that simply oozes flavor. The next predator that gets the axe hardly seems edible, yet crocodile tail soup is on the menu. Served with a thick stew, fragrant rice, and a handful of cilantro, the crocodile meat has the same texture as gelatinous fat. And while this may not seem appealing, it’s in high demand by the locals.

Add Some Adventure To A Great Night Out

Singapore has an incredible nightlife and after a night at the movies, it’s time to hit the walkways and sample some of the best additions for an adventurous date. Eating pufferfish should be classified as an extreme sport. And those who want to ramp up their evening should give this delicacy a try. Fugu is a once in a lifetime food, and because there is no antidote to pufferfish poison, it might be the last. Those who wish to spark up some romance may want to avoid Deer Penis or Milt.

Far More Delicious Than It Sounds


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Frogs are not unusual in high-end restaurants of a French variety. But they are still considered slightly off-the-beaten-track for palates used to burgers and pizzas. However, those who venture into the underbelly of Singapore cuisine agree that clay pot frog porridge is one of those dishes that make a reappearance somewhere along the trip, and is enjoyed with glee.

Singapore is known as being a destination that tests your comfort zones. And when it comes to weird and affordable food, Singapore is the best place to start.

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