5 Best Upcoming Festivals in Singapore

5 Best Upcoming Festivals in Singapore

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

If you are someone who believes in living in the moment and making the best of it, you should experience some of the best festivals in Singapore at least once in your life. It is the effortless blend of cultures that presents the tourists with a memorable trip for a lifetime.

Singapore is prominently known as ‘instant Asia’ as it is the hub of a mixture of different cultures and rituals from all other parts of Asia. Living proof of the fact is the elaborate list of different celebrated events in Singapore with great pomp and show. The following is a list of distinctive pointers consisting of the various events that are spread over the entire year to help you decide when to plan your trip to Singapore and enjoy these majestic events. Read on to learn about the best upcoming festivals in Singapore.

Christmas 25th December


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While the New York Times Square is one of the most popular and loved venues during Christmas, the Christmas tree is in its full glory, but little do people know the Christmas is a great time for you to plan a trip with friends or family members. The streets of the city are almost transformed into a fairy tale, and it might become a tad bit difficult for you to distinguish magic from reality. Particularly, the night is so mesmerizing that the view will be something that you will end up cherishing and appreciating for the rest of your life.

Chinese New Year 25th -26th January


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When the list of prominent festivals in Singapore is addressed, there is no possible way that you can skip the Chinese New Year from the list. If you wish to describe this festival in one word, it can only be summed up by the word Vibrant. While many Chinese festivals are celebrated in Singapore, but the Chinese New Year is the most special and cherished one. For a fortnight, the whole city is turned into a doll house with extravagant decorations. The decorations almost present you with the illusion that you are in China. Other than this, the night markets and temples have a mystical charm that you just cannot miss out on if you intend to visit Singapore around mid-January.

Thaipusam 8th February


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If you are someone who enjoys the cultural diversities observed all over the world, then it is suggested that you should visit Singapore around early February so that you can be a part of the Thaipusam festival. However, this festival and the processions are not for the ones with a faint heart. But if you wish to witness Kavadis being brought to the temples, skewers pierced through the backs and tongues, and then this is just the right event for you. 

Singapore Art Festival 15th -31st May


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If you consider yourself a cultural art buff, then you should try to be a part of the Singapore Art Festival. The festival is highly prominent all over the world for its artistic ensembles. Whether you are an enthusiast of music, theatre arts, international dances, unconventional art installations, this is the right place for you to be. The Singapore Art Festival event takes place over a period of 15 days. Be a part of international film screening, and witness painting competitions never like before with the Singapore Art Festival. This festival is probably the best way for you to take a glimpse of Asia in the true sense and enjoy one of the best festivals in Singapore. 

Hari Raya 23rd – 24th May


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The local version of Eid is the Hari Raya. This festival is highly popular all over Singapore because of the religious beliefs. It is a celebration after fasting in the month of Ramadan for a month. However, if you wish to just enjoy the food and the aesthetics, it is highly recommended that you should not miss out on the highly decorated bazaar at the Sultan Mosque.

It is a well-established fact that Singapore is a place that has something to offer for everyone. However, it is up to you how well you are at planning your trip so you can make the best out of the limited time you get to spend in this mesmerising place. The best way for you to do so is to create an itinerary that is backed up by intense research. However, no longer do you need to spend extensive hours to create that itinerary when you can just simply reach out to The Best Singapore. All you ever need to inquire about the place, the online platform can present you with. Whether it is the best salons, food joints, or upcoming events, you can rely on The Best Singapore for the best recommendations. Connect with the official platform in order to know better. 

Author Bio:  this article is written by Grace Lee, a Singapore based influencer and a blogger at The Best Singapore .

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