Guide to fine dining Christmas in Singapore

Guide to fine dining Christmas in Singapore

Last Updated on December 7, 2022

Looking for a fine dining Christmas in Singapore? Here is your perfect guide.

Fine dining is a restaurant experience with precise attention, perfect execution, and exceptional services, more sophisticated and more expensive than other average restaurants. Fine dining in Singapore is the most expensive dining experience and has multi-course and menu options. Fine dining in Singapore becomes more popular during special events and holidays.  Their service rules are strict and of a high standard. Fine dining Singapore hires staff that can deliver elegance and knowledge about the dining experience.


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Fine dining in Singapore is made-to-order food and could last many hours. Their guests sit and get a good experience of the meal from start to end. Some types of menus are commonly used in fine dining in Singapore. Let us know about their difference.

Fine dining types of menus in Singapore:

Prix fixe

Prix fix menus are set in some fine dining Singapore with limited options in multi-course. Some restaurants have few options for customers to choose from. It is also called a set menu and includes an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert.

A la carte

A la carte menus have more flexibility available in fine dining Singapore.  In the a la carte menu method, the list prices are mentioned separately. Customers can easily choose individual items and make a treat their own choice.

Traditional entrée menu

Some fine-dining Singapore steaks with a mainstream model of ordering where Customers can include side orders with the main part of the meal. Customers can pair it with roasted potatoes and a side salad French fries and seasonal vegetables.

In the a la carte and traditional food menus, additional courses like desserts and appetizers are optional.

Main characteristics to know about fine dining in Singapore

All fine dining in Singapore is unique in its style but some characteristics are common in them.

4 Characteristics of fine dining in Singapore


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Attention to small details

Subtlety is the key to any elegant atmosphere. Creating a perfect atmosphere in fine dining in Singapore is all about the details. This depends on the music, art on walls, lighting, entrance, and presenting way. You can feel the difference between a locally sourced and calm atmosphere. You really can enjoy food in a calm and desired dreamy place. You can find in fine dining in Singapore tiny detail that is meant to tie together. Nothing feels upsetting like being too loud, too bright, or too much.

Servers are exceptional

In all fine dining, Singapore servers perform at their best. A fine dining server can explain the entire menu without notes and hitting emotional cues with customers. They are always available for their guests when needed. Many servers know the bar menu of the newest wines to old ones. Fine dining servers play a senior career and this is not a job for beginners.

Guest satisfaction is paramount

Fine dining in Singapore provides typical services like holding the chair for women and replacing linen napkins with a patron leaves table. Silverware is replaced between courses and never poured wine in the same glass. Everything is set on the table in perfect order. As a guest in a fine dining Singapore, you are paying more than the food.

Top shelf wine

Most fine dining Singapore makes a huge profit on alcohol sales more than their food items. The wine list is deep with various vines and price levels. They have well-trained bar staff who offer diners information about their new arrival wines and paining it with their ideal food.

Christmas dinner Singapore


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Christmas dinner is a traditional meal eaten on Christmas night. Christmas is a particular day dedicated to a saint and a religious celebration. This meal eats from evening to night at charismas. Significant parts of this meal are gathering and enjoying rich or substantial traditional feast celebrations. Christmas dinner Singapore consumed varieties of foods from different parts of the world. Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings are included in this tradition. Beef would be chopped and pork would be cooked over spits. The Forerunner of the Christmas dinner was a midwinter feast celebrated by ancient ancestors.

Interesting facts about Christmas dinner in Singapore

We share some interesting facts about Christmas dinner in Singapore with you:

  • The traditional dish of Christmas is peacock and boar.
  • Turkey becomes in tradition after 19 century.
  • Original Christmas dinner Singapore pudding was made with mutton, currant, beef, wine, and other spices.
  • Trees used to be decorated with food and can be eaten on Christmas night.
  • The traditional Christmas dinner in Singapore includes 700 calories per person.

Whenever you enter in gathering at Christmas dinner you will find some special dishes which are a core part of Christmas dinner in Singapore.

Top fine dining dishes in Singapore

Maple bourbon brined Turkey

This bird is brined for 12 hours in a maple, orange solution, and bourbon is applied with the help of a maple and roasted till golden brown color appears. This unforgettable dish always reminds your holidays and is the main food of Christmas dinner.

Classic bread stuffing

This mouthwatering dish makes a Christmas meal irresistible. The main ingredients of classic bread stuffing include butter or margarine, two large celery stalks, chopped onion, nine cup of soft bread cubes, chopped fresh thyme leaves, slat ground sage, and pepper. This is a delicious dish for Christmas dinner in Singapore.

Brussels sprouts with bacon and pecans

This delicious dish consists of sprout go-nuts dressed up with bacon. The main ingredients of Brussels sprouts are all-purpose flour, fresh Brussels sprouts, brown sugar, water, cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, and chopped pecans. At Christmas dinner, this dish has its own space.

Simple Cranberry Sauce

This dish for Christmas dinner Singapore is very easy and delicious comprising simple ingredients like fresh cranberries water and sugar and you never need to open a can of cranberry sauce again.

Who wants the best fine dining Singapore and Christmas dinner in the traditional way they have to just arrive at Gary’s. There you can feel the real taste in an elegant atmosphere. It is a top Italian restaurant in Singapore. Special wine and high-quality ingredient-prepared food are their specialties. So visit there to enjoy your special festival and events.

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