6 Unique Dining Experiences in Dubai

6 Unique Dining Experiences in Dubai

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Dubai is home to several jaw-dropping dining establishments. From eating in the sky to dining in darkness, there are plenty of dining experiences in Dubai you will definitely remember. And with plenty of food companies in Dubai providing restaurants with the best ingredients available, rest assured that you’ll get to taste a wide array of delicious cuisines.

Whether you are a food traveler or a restaurant owner looking for inspiration, here are six unique dining establishments in Dubai you should try.

1. On-air dinner adventure at Dinner in the Sky


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Did you ever dream of dining in the sky? Dinner in the Sky at Skydive Dubai offers an unforgettable experience. You will be secured into a seat attached to a table suspended 50 meters into the air by a special crane.

When you’re in the air, watch the chefs as they prepare your meal before your eyes. Dine with your loved ones or brave travelers in this shared experience among up to 22 people as you witness the unique views of Dubai from the sky. Capture your once-in-a-lifetime experience in a photo as the suspended table rotates slightly while you eat. A professional supervisor will assist you in ensuring your safety.

The restaurant’s menu caters to all palates with vegan and non-veggie options for lunch and dinner. Some of the must-try dishes include steak, tortellini pasta, fresh salads, and corn-fed chicken.

Important notes:

● Wear comfortable clothes.

● Participants must be no less than eight years old and 1.2 meters tall and weigh less than 150 kg.

● If you have a preferred meal, contact the local operator at least 24 hours ahead.

● Bring your own camera.

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2. Luxurious dining in the desert at Sonara Camp


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If you are looking to dine in the desert, Sonara Camp is the place to be. This desert camp is the first-ever eco-friendly and bespoke dining destination on the outskirts of the city. It is the perfect embodiment of an Arabian night under the desert stars. Dishes are prepared by a world-renowned chef who expertly combines traditional Arabian flavors with Western fare. Bestsellers include chicken shawarma, beef tacos, a Mediterranean ratatouille, lamb chops with kaffir, and cocoa ganache with avocado.

You can book different experiences, from breakfast to dinner. But for the ultimate desert dining experience, consider going on an overnight adventure where you’ll get to stay in a glamping tent.

Besides superb food and drinks, Sonara Camp also offers various activities for all ages. Watch a post-dinner movie at the outdoor cinema or check out the lounge bar for a nightcap. After a hearty meal, other things to do include sand-boarding, archery, drumming, fire shows, astronomy, and dance performances. You may also book for pre-dinner adventures, such as dune-bashing, quad-biking, or dune driving lessons.

3. Dinner cruise at JA Bateaux Dubai


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Explore the waterways of Dubai Creek while enjoying sumptuous meals in a floating restaurant. JA Bateaux Dubai offers a bespoke dining experience in a huge glass vessel, where you can revel in freshly prepared gourmet cuisine as you witness the scenic views of the Old Dubai.

This two-and-a-half-hour journey over the water offers an alfresco deck, glass windows, and spacious floor plan to ensure an elegant and comfortable way of exploring Dubai. In this restaurant big enough to accommodate 200 people, you can select a spot inside the glass-covered area, on the open roof terrace, or at the outdoor deck.

As opposed to other cruise tours that offer a buffet, JA Bateaux Dubai provides you with an inventive set menu. They likewise provide a signature personalized service and a wide selection of fine drinks.

4. Dining in darkness at Noire

Have you ever imagined dining in the dark? Noire invites you to try this experience. This dark-themed restaurant offers a gourmet experience in pitch-black darkness. The goal is to heighten other human senses while appreciating the food.

During this 90-minute dinner experience, waiters will hover around and serve a three-course meal while wearing night-vision goggles. It will be a remarkable dining experience because you’ll be feeling your way around to find your silverware and glass on the table.

Once you’re done eating, the lights are turned on for the chef to discuss the experience.

Noire also donates a percentage of their earnings to a charitable organization combating blindness in several countries. For an ultimate culinary experience, check their menu first because it changes each week, and book in advance.

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5. Under-the-sea dining at Ossiano


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Wondering how it feels to dine underwater? Check out Ossiano at Atlantis, The Palm. Enjoy delectable meals under shimmery chandeliers with over 65,000 marine creatures that swim by your table.

Led by one of the best chefs in the city, this underwater restaurant stands out for its seafood dishes. Their ala carte options are affordable and there are several choices to choose from.

6. Revolving while dining at Al Dawaar

Have you tried eating on a moving platform? Al Dawaar can make it happen. It is the first and only revolving restaurant in Dubai where you’ll sit in a revolving platform to enjoy the scenic views of the city while enjoying a hearty meal. Landmarks you’ll see include the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Creek, and Old Dubai.

In addition to their brunch and dinner options, they also have the Sky Brunch and Friday Brunch serving soups, appetizers, main course, cold cuts, and desserts. They even offer a taste of Asia, including specialties from Japan, Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Discover meals, treats, and experiences you won’t find elsewhere. For an ultimate Dubai escapade, make sure to include these unique dining establishments, along with some of the best restaurants in the UAE, in your itinerary.

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