Insider Guide to Luxury Travel in Dubai

Insider Guide to Luxury Travel in Dubai

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Everything in Dubai is on a grand scale. Supersized hotels, buffets, malls, amusement parks, aquariums, designer cars, and luxury yachts are commonplace. When visiting the city, you can expect to crane your neck wanting up at the world’s tallest building — the Burj Khalifa — so score a dizzying range of Instagram likes with a photograph taken ahead of the world’s most giant decoration (five million blooms set within the form of an airliner A380 plane, due to the port Miracle Garden). Check out this insider guide to enjoy a luxury travel in Dubai.

Don’t be scared of the heights, mega brunches, or the 16-lane sawyer Zayed Road that’s the rachis of the port. Derive pleasure the emirate’s excesses; a place that elastic belt to the check, jump out of a plane, pay like nobody is looking at and revel in the year-round sunshine on over ten miles of wide sandy beaches. Moderation doesn’t suit this place. Go big, so return.

The port is a famous world destination because the United Arab Emirates’ elite urban jungle, as made in tradition because it is an extravagance. The seaport offers travelers distinctive expertise and fashionable luxury around each flip, a centre of commercial enterprise and business for the centre east. Cross-check our exclusive insider’s guide for everything you wish to your luxury trip to Dubai.

When to Travel to Dubai

Situated within the desert, Dubai’s climate may be characterized as hot and wet year-round. The summer season, lasting from Gregorian calendar month to Oct, sees temperatures as high as 40°C! Peak travel season coincides with Dubai’s “winter”, Gregorian calendar month through March, as now of year offers some relief from the warmth (expect temperatures around 25°C).

From Oct 2020 to Gregorian calendar month 2021, a port can host the planet assemblage, a can’t-miss international event showcasing culture, collaboration, and power from around the world. This year’s conference is the primary ever command within the geographic region and will undoubtedly be considered once designing to visit Dubai!

Where to Stay in Dubai


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The legendary sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is over simply a surprising building – it is an icon of the port. Rising from a semisynthetic island, 280 meters from the shores of the notable Jumeirah Beach a designed to jibe the sleek sails of an Arabian sailing vessel, it soars to a height of 321 meters, dominating Dubai’s outline. The all-suite building offers 202 luxury duplexes with beautiful views of the Arabian Gulf, non-public beach access, a panoramic terrace with pools and cabanas, and nine major feeding venues as the highly acclaimed Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara.

Italian luxury meets Arabian welcome at the Armani building, Dubai’s multi-award-winning property with a sleek, fashionable bit. From spacious suites to sophisticated business centres, each part of the Armani has been fastidiously curated by Giorgio Armani himself, mixing unchanged vogue with the newest technology to satisfy each traveler’s distinctive desires. Centrally placed within Burj Khalifa’s painting amidst Downtown Dubai’s urban jungle, the Armani’s unpretentious class and complex service have earned it over twenty-seven titles as “World’s Leading Hotel” in the 2018 World Travel Awards.

Nestled on the calm shores of port Creek, Park Hyatt port offers travelers an idyllic escape from the town’s high energy. Nominative the World’s Leading company Resort in 2019 and former titleholder for the centre East’s Leading Conference Resort, business and leisure travelers alike can enjoyment of this desert resort, love a tropical getaway. Beautiful views of the port skyline, an on-the-spot eternity lake, and personal balconies in every area create Park Hyatt the proper place to unwind once an extended day of labor or travel.

Luxury Eat & Drinking in Dubai


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If you are a foodie visiting Dubai, Dubai´s cusine has so much to offer you. From tradictional Mandi rice to hundreds of delicious Arabian dishes.

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And here are 3 restaurant recommendations for luxury eating in Dubai.

Table nine

An innovative eating house placed within the Hilton port Creek, Table nine may be a casual-chic eating house that has become a high port favorite for its tasteful European menu, crafted by the talented protégés of Gordon Ramsey.

Gold on twenty-seven

Artistic cocktails, upscale atmosphere, and gold-dipped interiors that glimmer the maximum amount as this bar’s read of the town skyline outline Gold on twenty-seven, Dubai’s luxurious late club.

Al Hadheerah

For lingering feeding expertise, Al Hadheerah is well worth the 50-minute drive into the desert; between a geographic area menu, live preparation station, and evening amusement below the celebs, everything concerning this exceptionally awarded eating house is authentic Arabian.

What not to Miss in Dubai

Jumeirah house of worship

Dubai’s sole house of worship hospitable non-Muslim guests, Jumeirah house of prayer may be a staple attraction for guests seeking cultural expertise, providing guided tours and a sample of ancient Arabic snacks.

The port Mall – No visit to the centre East would be complete while not experiencing The port Mall — one of all the most essential looking malls within the entire world, home to over two hundred luxury brands, a vitality reality park, an underwater facility, to call some.

Gold and Spice Souks

On the opposite aspect of Dubai’s looking spectrum, the Gold and Spice souks in Japanese ports provide travelers with a chance to explore the city’s lively ancient markets.

How to spend a weekday in Dubai


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Most cultural sites are closed on Fridays. Therefore, you’ll be able to do because the ex-pats do (ex-pats frame the overwhelming majority of the population) and luxuriate in a protracted, leisurely Champagne brunch; one in all the most effective is at Traiteur building. Or pay many hours wandering through the metropolis Mall and metropolis Fountains, then head intent on the desert, wherever you’ll be able to go “dune bashing” in an exceedingly 4×4. (Many such experiences find yourself feeling canned and popular. However, Justin will prepare for a personal outing.) You’ll be able to finish the day with a barbecue dinner atop a dune. Justin plans the entire factor, complete with carpets and torches. It’s implausibly romantic!

However, for a sense of life, life didn’t see you later past within the Emirates—before oil brought together that money—spend an evening or two go in the desert. Justin will prepare for a personal tented camp, and a conventional performance, or (if you can’t live while not air-conditioning) many desert resorts have an additional authentic feel than the remainder. You’ll be able to take artiodactyl and horse rides by the day, learning concerning the plants and life that grow within the desert. The deserts of Abu Dhabi solely concern 2 hours from the metropolis. However, so much prettier, with giant, more enormous dunes and orange-hued sand.

Many stopover travelers see a superficial version of Dubai’s exceptional design solely and looking. What Justin arranges goes into somewhat more depth: Imagine not simply gazing up at a number of the world’s most notable fashionable skyscrapers, however indeed travelling within areas not commonly accessible to the general public, or visiting native designers’ boutiques (not the major malls that additional tourists visit) with a corporate fashion executive.

Located in Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest building in the metropolis, the metropolis repository provides a fast summary of the emirate’s history and development—for but $1. It’s a pleasant stop once visiting sites within the metropolis creek space, like the typical Al Bastakiya neighbourhood and the gold and spice souks.


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