Excuses for Ordering In

3 Great Excuses for Ordering In

Last Updated on July 4, 2019

We have all been there, we are just not in the mood to cook. If you work full-time or have kids, if you are the one in charge of feeding the household, the urge to shirk this responsibility may pop up more often than not. However, you still get up and cook at the end of the day, because you can only order pizza a certain number of times a month before the guilt starts to eat at you and you start feeling like a horrible person. Well, fear not! Today you are given a pass, a rare opportunity to embrace your laziness, armed with 3 justifications for your decision. This is your cooking cheat day and here are three great excuses for ordering in:

1. Time Efficiency


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Usually, you would be trying to simultaneously juggle monitoring your kids as they do their homework and trying to prepare a healthy balanced meal. This causes both tasks to take longer than they should, as you have to be splitting your attention and energy. It would be more time efficient if you ordered food online, therefore you could focus on helping your children do their homework and maybe even have time left over to do something recreational with them like play Scrabble or talk to them about their days. See? Not cooking today could give you more time to bond with your kids.

Not a parent? No problem! Not cooking today still gives you more time, valuable time you could use to do something productive like finally put away the laundry or have a conversation with your partner or friends.

2. Expand your Horizons


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You made a resolution this year to try new things, and become more adventurous. Today you’re just being proactive in making your resolution your reality by trying new foods. Maybe there’s a place on the other side of town that you’ve been meaning to go to but haven’t had a chance. You live in a culinary hotspot, there are a variety of cuisines and restaurants to try and you can try them from the comfort of your home thanks to Food Delivery Service St. Louis. This will be a new experience for you and at the end of the day, new experiences are priceless. So really, you don’t need more excuses for ordering in, but here is another one!

3. You Deserve It


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We know it, you work hard every day, whether it’s to realize a personal dream, build a better life for your children or take care of your parents. You are doing your best to navigate successfully through this life, and that is not easy most days. Chaos can easily become your reality and you end up spinning so fast while trying to get a handle on your life that you end up losing your grip on it. Today you can take this one thing off your plate, you can exhale and not be on top of this one necessity. Today you can treat yourself. 

Treating yourself no longer has to be a guilty pleasure that means breaking a diet or plying your family with unhealthy food. Sarefoods is a food delivery service in St. Louis which gives upcoming St. Louis chefs an online marketplace for them to sell to locals. Every week they craft a menu which they upload to the site. You can get hot, nutritious meals cooked by a chef for you personally, and delivered to your doorstep all from the comfort of your couch.

While all three of these are excellent excuses for ordering in, there is really only one reason for doing so and that’s simply because you want to. However, it never hurts to have the excuses locked, loaded and ready to use.

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