Beach fashion tips to find your perfect coastal look

Beach fashion tips to find your perfect coastal look

Last Updated on September 5, 2023

Ah, the beach! Waves crashing, sun kissing your skin, and the gentle hum of a coastal town in the distance. The serenity of the beach is only rivaled by the excitement of picking the perfect wardrobe for your seaside escape. The coastal fashion game is more than just swimsuits; it’s about curating a sophisticated ensemble that captures the essence of the sea while echoing the contemporary trends. 

From radiant sundresses to the shimmer of the right pair of glasses, dressing for the beach can be an art form. In this post, let’s navigate the realms of beach fashion to find your perfect coastal look.

Sun-soaked Sundresses: Draped in Oceanic Beauty

The sundress has long been a staple of beachside wardrobes. Flowy, radiant, and ever-so-graceful, a sundress is the quintessential outfit for beach goers looking for a blend of comfort and style. 

Opt for light materials like cotton or linen which allow your skin to breathe under the scorching sun. Pastel colors like aqua, coral, or sandy beige can mirror the shades of the beach, making you one with the seascape. Adding an element like cat eye glasses, known for their retro yet stylish appeal, creates a compelling contrast to the softness of a sundress. It’s all about playing with juxtapositions to curate a look that stands out.

Hats Off to Coastal Charm: Headwear Wonders

A beach outfit feels somewhat incomplete without the elegant touch of a hat. Beyond shielding you from the sun, hats have become the crown jewel of beach attire. 

Wide-brimmed straw hats or playful floppy hats can keep you cool while making a style statement. If you’re more into a casual, sporty look, baseball caps with beach-themed prints or slogans can be your go-to. Combine this with a breezy dress or shorts, and you’re all set to enjoy the shoreline. And, if you’re keen on infusing a hint of nostalgia, throw on those cat eye glasses.

Bags that Tell a Tale: Your Beach Companion

Your choice of bag for the beach is as much about functionality as it is about aesthetics. Oversized totes in earthy tones or with nautical patterns are a favorite choice. These bags not only fit your beach essentials but also complement the beach vibe. 

Woven bags or those with fringed details can add a bohemian touch to your ensemble. When you pull out your sunglasses from such a bag, especially if they’re a pair reminiscent of old Hollywood glam like cat eye glasses, you’re bound to turn heads.

Footprints in the Sand: Deciding on Footwear

The beach brings to mind images of bare feet sinking into soft sand, leaving fleeting impressions that waves eventually erase. However, the reality of a beach vacation often requires something a bit more practical for our feet. Ever tried to navigate a sunlit boardwalk, an ancient seaside town’s cobbled streets, or even a beachside café’s wooden deck in bare feet? Not the most comfortable experience, right?

That’s where beach-appropriate footwear comes into play. Now, when we think beach, flip-flops immediately pop into our minds, and rightly so. They’re light, easy to wear, and perfect for a casual stroll. But, sometimes, the occasion or the outfit demands something a tad more sophisticated. That’s when you might turn to leather sandals. Perfect for those sundresses or slightly dressier beachside dinners, they exude a charm that’s both rustic and refined. 

Espadrilles, with their rope-like sole, capture the spirit of the coast and are excellent for adding a touch of elegance without compromising on comfort. Your footwear choice, in many ways, sets the tone of your beach day, ensuring that from the sandy shore to the bustling beach town, you’re stepping out in style.

The Final Touch: Elegant Eyewear

Sunglasses. They’re not just for shielding your eyes from the sun’s intense glare; they’re a statement, an extension of your personality, and sometimes, the very thing that ties your beach look together. Think about it; the sun hat, the flowy dress, the leather sandals—they all beg for that finishing touch, and that’s where eyewear comes in.

While the market’s flooded with a plethora of designs, there’s an undeniable allure to cat eye glasses. They speak of vintage glamour, of times when Hollywood stars would grace the beaches, looking impeccable. The unique upward tilt at the edges of these glasses is a nod to elegance, giving anyone who wears them a dash of mystery and allure. And isn’t that what beach holidays are about? A little mystery, some relaxation, and a lot of style. 

But beyond just aesthetics, a good pair of sunglasses, especially those with quality lenses, is essential to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. So, as you’re ticking things off your beach holiday packing list, make sure your eyewear doesn’t just look good, but feels good and serves its protective purpose. After all, with the right pair, you’ll see the beach in a light more beautiful than ever before.

With These Tips, You’re Sure to Hit the Beach in Style

The beach is more than just a destination; it’s a canvas of memories, emotions, and experiences. Every ripple in the ocean, every grain of sand underfoot, and every gust of the salty breeze tells a story of adventure, relaxation, and timeless beauty. Your outfit, with its carefully chosen elements, becomes a part of that tale, echoing the vibe of the coast while adding a touch of personal flair. 

It’s in the details, from the swish of a sundress to the elegance of cat eye glasses, that your beachside narrative truly comes alive. So, whether you’re lounging by the shimmering shore, dancing under a beachside moon, or exploring a quaint coastal town with its hidden treasures, always remember: the ocean, with its vastness and depth, always appreciates those who bring a touch of elegance to its shores. 

Here’s to making waves, not just in the sea, but in the realm of beach fashion too. May your journeys always be filled with sun-kissed moments and impeccable style. Safe travels and stylish adventures to you!

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