Food Culture In Galapagos Islands

Food Culture In Galapagos Islands

Last Updated on March 24, 2020

When you read about the Galapagos Islands, you learn about the numerous varieties of iguanas and birds there and the numerous things that you can do if you choose this spot as a travel destination spot. What not many know is there is an incredible food culture in Galapagos Islands and people from all around the world come for sustainable tourism. It is very easy to understand why since some incredible foods can be enjoyed, like the following:

1. Seafood


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Seafood is always plentiful, fresh and featured in menus in Galapagos. This ranges from sea bass, halibut and tilapia to some interesting specialties like green spiny lobsters. You can visit numerous family-owned shops that offer you reasonably priced eats right on the street. Just order a casserole of fresh mixed seafood and you will not regret it.

2. Ceviche

This is widely considered to be the most famous dish in the Galapagos. It is easy to understand why since it is always so good. The dish is always made with locally caught shrimp, fish, octopus, lobster, squid or crab. Ceviche in Galapagos is a tasty balance of sweet, spicy, tangy and citrus flavours.

3. Encebollado


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Encebollado is another perfect dish that takes full advantage of the numerous fruits of the sea from local sources. This is a pickled onion soup that is filled with albacore tuna and yucca. The locals love it, especially when they have to deal with a hangover. It is usually served during breakfast. Also, encebollado is only one of the numerous seafood-based soups you can try at kiosks, food stalls, and restaurants. Make sure you try as many as you can if you like them.

4. Seco


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This Ecuadorian classic is flavorful, filling and very cheap. It is made out of different types of meats that are slow-cooked in a sauce. Then, they are served with avocado slices, rice salad, and fried plantain. The name you see on the menu is based on the meat used. This is why seco de pollo includes chicken and seco de carne is beef.

5. Exotic Fruits

The Galapagos is a paradise for fascinating and unique wildlife and has some fantastic exotic fruits to offer. This includes mouth-watering options like naranjilla, guyaba, guanabana, jocote, and babaco. You will surely love every single one.

6. Ice Cream


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Italy is renowned all around the world for its gelato but if you love that, you should know that artisanal ice creams from the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador give gelato a full run for its money. It is always bursting with flavour, creamy and rich. This ice cream always tastes very good since it is made only with 100% real crushed fruit. Some varieties are particularly good and are made with guanabana.

7. International Cuisine

When you travel, you sometimes just crave for some sort of comfort food, like pizza or pasta. This is always available at the restaurants in the Galapagos Islands as the international cuisine offerings are tremendous. You can find many dishes you know and many new ones to consider. Just go crazy and see what you really love.

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