Setting of a traditional Moroccan breakfast with hot mint tea, fruits and baked goods.

6 Traditional Moroccan Breakfast Foods

Last Updated on March 24, 2023

Moroccan food reflects the various cultures that influenced the country’s history, which is particularly true of the breakfasts. The various dishes that are eaten at the first meal of the day have diverse origins. Have you tried any of these traditional Moroccan breakfast foods?

TAKEAWAY: In Arabic, Iftar means breakfast. During Ramadan, Iftar is still the first meal of the day. However, during this holy month, the first meal isn’t served until after sunset. Therefore, it is a huge meal. Some of the dishes from this list are common foods for iftar. But regardless of what else is on the table, dates are always available. Moroccans will tell you to start with dates and only eat them in odd numbers.


Morocco is famous for its mint tea. Tea comes with nearly every meal, and breakfast is no exception. They traditionally serve this drink out of a silver metal pot into small, ornate glasses. People will often pour the hot beverage from far above the cup so it will foam. Mint tea is almost always sweetened. It should never be cloying though, nor should the tea be bitter either. At home, most families will wash the tea to try and prevent this bitterness.


There is still a large French influence in Morocco from its years being a French protectorate. In fact, some families will serve “croissants aux chocolat” with breakfast. While these are typically bought instead of a homemade addition to the table, they are still common enough to include. Want to know more about other sweet and savory Moroccan snacks? Then check out 9 Street Eats in Marrakesh To Satisfy Your Inner Foodie, it will definitely work up your appetite!


Harcha is a traditional round bread made with semolina flour, which gives it a cornbread-like texture. They are frequently served with honey or jam. While harcha are sometimes available at other meals, they are more popular in the mornings because of these sweet pairings. For a recipe, check out Moroccan flatbread.


In addition to cheese, some Moroccan breakfasts will include yogurt. Yogurt in Morocco is smooth like in France, not thick like Greek yogurt.


Kika is the Moroccan word for cake. Families will sometimes serve the leftover cake from the previous night as part of breakfast the next morning. Moroccan cakes will sometimes have chocolate sprinkles but are usually iced. Some of the most common types are flavored with rose sugar, walnuts, or spices.

As you can see, breakfast, or iftar, is an essential meal in Morocco. It can include a variety of traditional Moroccan breakfast dishes from many cultures that satisfy any craving and satiate your hunger. That way, this important meal reflects Morocco’s diverse history.

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