8 Delicious Foods to Try in Costa Rica

8 Delicious Foods to Try in Costa Rica

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

The most popular attractions in Costa Rica include beaches, biodiversity, and abundant nature. Today you are gonna learn what are the eight most delicious foods to try in Costa Rica. Hire professionals who take my online class and tour the world when you still have the time and some resources.

Costa Rica is located in the Central American region with one of the most diverse climatic conditions. Along the pacific climatic region, the country grows some of the most tasty food ingredients you will get around the world. The chefs are locals who put passion in every serving. They prepare the most unique foods in a way that you will not find anywhere else. Here are 8 delicious servings that will cause you to return to Costa Rica over and over. 

1. Gallo Pinto

It is considered the national dish in Costa Rica. It is a concoction of beans and rice with the name translated to mean ‘Painted Roaster’. Ticos – the name given to the friendly indigenous people of Costa Rica enjoy their Gallo Pinto for breakfast. It is enjoyed with scrambled or fried eggs. You can enjoy the Gallo Pinto any other time of the day and even in the evening as dinner. 

Creative chefs in Costa Rica also spice the food to fit different tastes. It is prepared in a large pan and over medium heat. The ingredients are added one by one with seasoning done to improve the taste. It is tastier when served warm. 

2. Casado


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It forms part of the most popular traditional dishes in Costa Rica. Unlike the other dishes you will enjoy in Costa Rica, this is a combination of many foods. The word Casado is drawn from marriage, making most food eaters to refer to the food as a marriage of foods. 

A plate of Casado in Costa Rica will come with the following portions, among others:

  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Salad
  • Meat- pork, chicken, fish, or mutton.
  • Tortillas 
  • Fried platanos

The location you visit determines the type of meat you enjoy with Casado. It is also served with fresh fruit juice. The food is spicy and will define your dining experience in Costa Rica. 

3. Tamales


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The countries around the South American region are common for serving Tamales. However, chefs in Costa Rica have found a new way to prepare and serve the food. Their preparation makes the food more than what you would find along the road. 

Tamales originate from the region but Spanish influence has led to the addition of rice and pork. It is made from masa – a starchy corn based dough. Mixing the dough with vegetables, meat, and cheese makes it even tastier. This is a delicacy that every visitor to Costa Rica will enjoy. 

4. Ceviche


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This is a delicacy made from raw fish. While it is common in many Latin American countries, Costa Rica chefs have found a different way to spice the Ceviche. They add peppers and chilies while serving it alongside lettuce and soda crackers. The addition of tomato sauce makes it smoother. Whatever you do while in Costa Rica, do not miss the Ceviche. 

5. Patacones

Patacones are fried plantains enjoyed as a light meal or as a snack in Costa Rica. It is also referred to as twice-fried-plantain and served warm as well as crunchy. It is interesting to note that Patacones are enjoyed as appetizers or a large serving as a main meal. If you still want to stay in shape while traveling without missing the tasty cuisine in Costa Rica, this is one serving to try. 

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6. Chifrijo


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It derives its name from a combination of two ingredients. It is served in restaurants as a snack or a main meal. It is made of fried pork with the addition of beans. It is made of layered ingredients depending on personal preference and the choice of your chef. 

Costa Rica has a rich serving for visitors. With a wide range of foods in the country, you have endless choices to consider. Depending on the region you visit, the foods will invite you to return to Costa Rica. 

7. Arroz Con Leche


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It can be consumed as a main meal or desert. Its unique taste makes the meal a popular choice for visitors. The easiest description one can give for this dish is rice cooked in milk. It is the cooking process that makes it a complicated meal to prepare but it results into one of the most amazing plates you will enjoy. You will require sugar, cinnamon, lemon zest, and salt, among other seasoning elements. 

It is served warm and may be accompanied with your favorite vegetables. It gets better with the use of cream instead of ordinary milk. It is a meal that will call you back to Costa Rica. 

8. Batido


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Fruit shake comes in multiple names when you land in Costa Rica. Batido is the most popular selection using unique ingredients sourced in Costa Rica. You may add rice or milk to the milk shake to make it more delicious. The fruits you add will determine the flavor. You have the common flavors of mango, lemon, pitch, and avocado, among others. 

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