Budget-Friendly Guide to Becoming a Master Traveler

The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Guide to Becoming a Master Traveller

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Who doesn’t want to travel the world, have unique experiences and meet new and amazing people? It is almost everyone’s dream to travel the world, and it can be very exciting and fun, but if you don’t do it right, you will run into a lot of problems that will just ruin the whole travelling experience for you. If it sounds familiar, our budget-friendly guide to becoming a master traveller is right for you!

Most people think that travelling is a rich person’s game and you need to have a lot of money to travel, but believe me, it is not entirely true. If you know the right skills and techniques, you can actually travel the world on a budget and have loads of fun and some amazing experiences. So, if you are looking to set out on an amazing journey and travel the world, keep reading to get some amazing tips on how to save money while travelling. And take with you this budget-friendly guide to becoming a master traveller:


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Get an ATM Card That Doesn’t Charge International Fees

Taking money out of ATMs is an essential part of travelling. But most banks charge international fees when you take money out in other countries. Those small 2 to 5 dollar ATM fees may not seem like a whole lot now, but they can add up and put a significant dent in your budget.

If you travel a lot, then you should open your account in a bank that has branches worldwide and has a global ATM alliance like Standard Chartered and HSBC. Some banks also offer no-fee ATM cards, which are also a good option.

Join a Frequent Flyer Group and Collect Flying Miles

When you are travelling, you will have to catch a lot of flights. And if you are frequently travelling by air, you should join a frequent flyer group to get some extra perks. When you are in a frequent flyer group, the miles you travel are counted, and the more you travel, the more miles you can collect. You can then redeem the miles for many amazing things such as free upgrades, access to VIP lounges and sometimes even free flights. Frequent flier miles are like currency, and they can help you a lot when you are travelling on a budget.

Stay at Youth Hostels Instead of Hotels


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If you want to save money while travelling, then you should avoid staying in expensive hotels and instead stay at youth hostels, which are significantly cheaper. Youth hostels also allow you to get acquainted with some fellow travellers and amazing people. Many people have a very bad image of these youth hostels in their mind, and they think that the hostels are party dens like shown in movies. But in reality, these hostels are not like the movies at all.

Most of the hostels are usually quite clean and have comfortable beds. They also have WIFI, and some of them even organize amazing travelling events, which are a lot of fun. Also, these hotels are not only for backpackers either. You can even stay at hostels with a family.

Pack light and stay mobile

One of the first tips that you will get from a traveller is that you should always pack light. Only take the things that are completely essential with you because most of the time you won’t need half of the stuff you are carrying. Light baggage means that you don’t have to put extra effort into hauling your luggage wherever you go.

Light baggage also keeps you mobile, and you can easily travel on public transport and move around without worrying about your bags all the time. The best way to carry your essential luggage is a backpack.

Try Out the Local Street Foods


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Travelling to new and exotic places allows you to experience some amazing cuisines. When you are travelling, you should always check out the local street food markets. Local street food is cheaper than that of the big hotels, and it tastes amazing. Trying out the local food is an essential part of travelling, so don’t miss out on it.

Make an Amazing Travel Vlog

Vlogging has become a major part of the present culture, and many travellers finance their whole trips by making vlogs and uploading them on YouTube. This is an amazing way to make some money while travelling. In fact, you can make enough money by creating travel vlogs to make it your full-time job. And isn’t travelling for a living the ultimate dream of every travel lover?

Visit the Local Tourism Offices

You should make a habit of visiting the local tourism office at the place you are visiting. You can get some very useful information from these offices and find the most budget-friendly ways to move around in the country. Visiting these offices will also allow you to plan your trip properly.

Find Ways to Finance Your Trip

If you don’t have the budget to travel, don’t worry. There are a lot of amazing methods to finance your trip and travel for free. You can apply for a scholarship or a fellowship to travel to new and exciting countries. Volunteer teaching is another great option to finance your travels. With these volunteer teaching programs, you can travel amazing countries like Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and many others to teach English to the locals.

Make Some Extra Copies of Your Passport and Other Important Documents


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While travelling, you may run into some unforeseen problems, so it is always smart to be prepared. One of the biggest problems that a lot of people have to face while travelling is their documents getting lost. You can have a lot of problems that are hard and expensive to fix if you lose your documents.

Always keep some extra copies of your important documents such as your passport in case you lose them. To make sure that you always have access to your important documents, upload copies of the documents on your online cloud drive. Keeping copies of your document on the cloud will allow you to access them from anywhere in the world at any time.

We hope you enjoy this budget-friendly guide to becoming a master traveller. If you have some pro travel tips to travel on a budget, please let us know in the comments below. Cheers!

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