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4 Spooky Halloween Treats You Can Find In The US

Last Updated on March 24, 2023

In the US, Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays, and we hold nothing back to celebrate it. Elaborate costumes, spooky cobwebs that cast shadows, and (of course) delicious candy and treats handed out to celebrate the night. When the weather turns colder, people love to seek out their pumpkin spiced lattes and candy corn. But the US has many more treats to offer to hit both your sweet tooth and your spooky mood.

With so many treats to pick from, it can be challenging to find a new favorite. Read on to discover not only new delicious snacks, but the places they come from!

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Founded in 2001, Dylan Lauren set out to combine “art, fashion, and pop culture with candy.” It’s an innovative and forward-thinking company that now services New York in two locations, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles. They boast over 7,000 different creations and a handful of celebrities who sing their praises. It makes sense why they branched into Halloween treats: there’s a wide audience looking for more!

The “Boo-gie Nights Collection” is a Halloween centered goodie bag just waiting to be devoured. From Oreo pumpkins to white chocolate skulls or mummy Twinkies on a stick, there is nothing to be missed. This spooky sweet delight keeps it fun for all ages, and absolutely delicious. Also, reasonably priced.

Trader Joe’s

The American food market that began as an alternative, healthy option for meals has become mainstream, and even joined in the holiday celebrations. It started as a conglomerate for unusual ingredients and off the beaten path brands. In fact, their employees dress casual in Hawaiian print shirts, and part of the experience of shopping there is the adventure that awaits inside.

One of the best bits of the holidays is building gingerbread houses at Christmas time. But why should the fun stop there? Trader Joe’s has brought an eerie twist on this classic and introduced the “Haunted House Kit”. This adorable set allows you to craft a small house and decorate it to however scary you would like it to be. With dark chocolate frosting, bone and bat-shaped hard candies, and a ghostly figure you can adorn with a scream to top it all off, the house is entirely up to your design. Besides, the small sugar pieces have bits of fruit in them, so depending on how you view it, this could be a healthy snack!

Gigi’s Cupcakes

Originally a small dream on the horizon of Gina Butler, Gigi’s Cupcakes is now a successful business. There are more than 100 locations across the United States, mostly in the Midwest and Southern states. She started with a little sugar, butter, and a lot of determination to franchise a beautiful idea.

The “Boo Box” has arrived just in time for some good old-fashioned delicious fun. Orange frosting creates pumpkins, and other cupcakes are topped with sugary and spooky delights like gummy worms. Using a devil’s food cake or vanilla cake base, the Boo Box is an excellent addition to any gathering. Ordering online is easy: simply select which store you want your supernatural surprise to be picked up at and which kind, and presto! A little magic goes a long way to get this treat only available in the US.


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Nothing is more patriotic than the American Dream. And by that, I mean a trip to Disneyland! One of the American staples that has spread around the world and brought joy to millions. People flock to Disney for any reason, and the holidays are some of the busiest times in the park. Chefs and bakers know they need to be absolutely perfect in order to spread that Disney Magic. Treats of all shapes and kinds decorate the amusement parks and add to the wonderful decor.

One of the highlights includes the crispy rice treats shaped like the mouse himself. Mickey’s ears are staples all across this American phenomenon, nowhere else would people line up to buy mouse ear headbands. This shows in the treats sold around Halloween! Chefs drizzle chocolate in thick layers over the rice crispy cakes, then decorated with sugar to create such classics as a mummy face or a sugar skull for Dia De Los Muertos. A treat from Disney is one of the best, as we all crave a bit of that Halloween magic.

TAKEAWAY: El Día de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead is a Mexican festivity celebrated the 1st and 2nd of November. They believe that, after Halloween night, the doors of Heaven open and the souls of children and adults pass to reunite with their living families for that period of time. Therefore, as in every other Mexican celebration, they prepare lots of food for this day to honor the dead. The most colorful of those preparations are sugar skulls.

In whole, America is a huge melting pot. It’s a country with so many different traditions and foods that surround them; it would take years to eat your way through all the candy corn and pumpkin pies. In order to experience an American Halloween, you must allow the spirit of it to wash over you. These treats help aid the transition into the witching hour and build the love that comes with nostalgia surrounding it. And remember, too much pumpkin is always a good thing.

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