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Brooklynites Flock to Black Flamingo: A Restaurant Review

Last Updated on January 29, 2023

Williamsburg is undoubtedly the hippest neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. Vibrant with diversity while thriving with young people hungry for fun experiences, you’re bound to find the trendiest restaurants. And we did! Black Flamingo is a destination spot, the only vegan taqueria in Brooklyn and one of the best vegan restaurants in New York.

Restaurant by Day, Club by Night

Not only is Black Flamingo serving up tasty Latin dishes above ground, but you’ll hear bumping vibes echoing from below! After dinner, head downstairs through the hidden entrance to jam to popular DJs running the gamut from Balearic house music to midnight jazz. It reminds you of those cool underground speakeasies from the 30’s. The duality of a restaurant/bar and nightclub in one place truly makes Black Flamingo a go-to spot for a fun night in town with friends. The lounge opens Thursday through Saturday at 10 p.m.

Made with Vegans in Mind

To add another layer of unique qualities to this restaurant, Black Flamingo’s menu is entirely plant-based and vegan. Vegans abstain from eating foods that use animal products; this includes meat, cheese, eggs, and fish, among others. One might think: “What could you possibly eat then!?” Due to their dietary restrictions, there is a common misconception that vegans are not able to diversify their meals. Nonetheless, Black Flamingo breaks this stereotype by offering creative menu items that are healthy, delicious and plant-based. So even if you’re not on a vegan diet, you can still find something delicious to eat without the use of animal products!

TAKEAWAY: There is a multitude of ways to eat and prepare food without using animal products – and they taste just as good! Plant milks such as soy, almond and coconut milk gained popularity in recent years. Moreover, non-dairy cheeses are an excellent alternative for those that are lactose intolerant too. Learning about other practices such as veganism, vegetarianism, pescetarianism, etc. will make you more well-rounded in your food journeys. Look at it as not limiting what you can eat, but instead expanding to new foods and combinations you might not have tried otherwise!

South of the Border Menu

As a taqueria, Black Flamingo keeps true to its Latin roots by mixing traditional Mexican dishes with other Caribbean culinary influences.

Tacos are a staple menu item and arguably the most popular among diners. The Al Pastor taco is a sweet gluten-free option. Marinated jackfruit, refried beans, seared pineapple, and avocado lay on a soft corn tortilla mat. If you’re looking for a more savory taco, try The Chorizo, made with marinated tofu and red quinoa, and topped with thin crispy shavings of potato.

In the mood for something a little more filling? Taste the Flautas. Also known as a taquito, this dish is prepared by rolling a small tortilla filled with potato, vegan jack cheese, and avocado salsa.

The Sweet Plantain Arepa had a very distinct taste because it used almond ricotta in between its ground maize buns. The “ricotta” is made by vigorously blending soaked skinless almonds in until reaching the light and fluffy consistency of ricotta. The chef calls this one a labor of love because of the process, but it’s worth it after diners taste what they think is cheese and come to find out it’s not!


Tiki culture grounds its alcohol-infused concoctions with three basic elements: spirits, citrus, and booze. You’ll find this replicated at Black Flamingo in many of its cocktails, including Evil Ways, which uses rum, pineapple, jalapeño and a dash of cinnamon. This bold and smoky drink served on the rocks will leave a tingle on your tongue. But Midnight Oil was the winning drink of the night which uses activated charcoal infused tequila. Blew our minds! The charcoal gives this drink its distinct deep black color in a tall highball glass, adding to its personality.

Black Flamingo has been turning heads since early 2015 and continues to wow new visitors. So grab your friends and head over to this vegan taqueria in Brooklyn for a vegan meal, tiki drinks and a night grooving to the beat of Williamsburg. Don’t forget to check out Black Flamingo’s menu and events to see what’s happening!

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