Best Restaurants in Phoenix

A Culinary Trip: The Best Restaurants in Phoenix

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

Phoenix, Arizona is a vacation destination that has long found its way into the hearts of travelers looking for an inviting space to step out of their everyday routine and into something warm, fun and relaxing. This capital city is a sprawling oasis of excitement and discovery situated in the heart of a desert landscape that’s bound to be intriguing to those with a heart for outdoor adventure. Whether you’re looking for the best restaurants in Phoneix or a visitor that leans towards finding their vacation vibe at nighttime, Phoenix promises to bring the best of it all with a touch of American Southwest flair.

For those visitors to Phoenix with food on the brain, this is a city that never fails to inspire. You don’t have to be a culinary expert to realize upon first glance that Phoenix is a destination brimming over with flavorful stops to choose from. When it comes to whittling down the list to the most flavorful and finest of the bunch, it’s an ever-changing menu of savory options. When you’re planning a culinary trip to Phoenix and can’t wait to spend your time indulging in the flavors that define the city, here are a few of the best restaurants to add to the list.

Oak Wood Fire Pizza


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The restaurant scene in Phoenix invites those stepping into the business to take chances in the name of flavor. When it comes to traditional pizza options infused with a unique twist designed to please the palate, there’s no place within the city limits quite like Oak Wood Fire Pizza. The brainchild of Chopped Champion Chef Tommy D’Ambrosio and culinary partner Kyle Hollenbeck, Oak Wood Fire Pizza was built on a love for traditional Italian style and an opportunity to bring something new to the people of Phoenix. Fresh ingredients, bold flavor combinations and a mobile wood fire stove give the team at Oak Wood Fire Pizza the option to take their tasty pizzas on the road. Catering small and large events alike, the team at Oak Wood Fire Pizza brings their very best right to their customers. From the Italian Flag pizza featuring pesto or The Bianca, highlighting the best of marinated artichokes, the pizza selection at Oak Wood Fire Pizza is customized to taste and style. When paired with a side salad and finished off with a sweet treat, it comes as no surprise that Oak Wood Fire Pizza tops the list time and again on the pizza scene.

Bluewater Grill


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Savory seafood is yours for the enjoying with each and every visit to Bluewater Grill. Located at 1720 E. Camelback Road, Bluewater Grill is a fan-favorite amongst seafood enthusiasts looking for an elegant and welcoming setting to step in and enjoy everything from oysters and sushi to salmon and crab. The interior of Bluewater Grill is tastefully themed in nautical style creating a cozy yet exciting space to enjoy a meal with family and friends. Step inside and let your palate transport you to the California coast where this restaurant first found its roots and reputation over 20-years ago. Frequently referred to as the place to enjoy the best seafood in the valley, Bluewater Grill is great with people, flavor and fantastic fresh-caught fare.

Commander Hamburger


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There are times when you’re just in the mood for something tasty and traditional and when this is the case, Phoenix is proud to offer up a chance to enjoy Commander Hamburger. Located at 901 N. 1st Street, Commander Hamburger is easy to spot with its vibrant yellow sign and large floor to ceiling windows covered in painted proclamations of the specials that wait within. Located inside The Churchill, Commander Hamburger serves up savory burgers, chicken sandwiches and chopped salads upon request. Pair your selection with a side of mouthwatering fries or tots to complete the experience but don’t leave before trying at least a bite of the soft-serve ice cream. While the food is always fantastic, Commander Hamburger is a great choice for those diners looking to delight in a dish that works hand in hand with a good cause. Commander Hamburger is associated with The Churchill in efforts to help fund local charities and also serves up beef that’s sourced from farms with a focus on humanely raised cattle.

Different Pointe of View

There are days in Phoenix when something laid back and traditional will do and other evenings where only an upscale experience that provides a reason to dress your finest will suffice. When this is the case, Different Pointe of View is happy to provide both the setting and the flavorful options. Located at 11111 N. 7th Street, Different Pointe of View is a wonderfully elegant restaurant stop integrated into the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort that features fine dining selections as well as a spectacular view. This AAA four-diamond restaurant puts a frame on sweeping valley views thanks to floor to ceiling windows and a patio dining option when the weather is just right. The menu at Different Pointe of View is just as intriguing and provides options to choose from entrees like duck confit and seared sea bass to New York strip and Filet Mignon. Pair your plate with wine from a meticulously curated list and feel free to feel like royalty as you sit back, relax and soak up the luxury and flavor in equal measure.

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