Innovative Fusion Food In Arizona

3 Restaurants To Get The Most Innovative Fusion Food In Arizona

Last Updated on January 29, 2023

Arizona has become a hub for wine lovers and foodies. And the state boasts dozens of vineyards, innovative bistros, and restaurants that cater to the most discerning palates. With Arizona’s growing popularity among gastronomes, it’s no surprise that every month, new establishments are opening their doors to the public to showcase the best of the best in traditional and fusion cuisine. In August 2019 alone, there were 12 new restaurants that started their operations in Tempe, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, and locals are getting excited over these cities’ thriving fusion food scene. From authentic and traditional recipes to modern and creative fare. Here’s where you can get the newest and most innovative fusion food in Arizona.

Deez Buns, Tempe


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What do you get when you take a classic Chinese bao and combine it with the Philippine siopao? You get an Asian-style bun that is the perfect vehicle for ingredients. And dishes that are inspired by Vietnamese, Korean, and Filipino cuisine, among others. Owners Justin Jin Park and Kevin Rosales were able to showcase the best of Asian cuisine in a portable package as they reinvented the steamed buns of their childhood into something that resembles a burger, but is very Asian in taste. Guests should try the BTS (bulgogi, tomato, and slaw) bun, longsilog (Filipino sausage) bun, and the Satay bun. 

SumoMaya, Scottsdale


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This Scottsdale institution features the best of Mexican-Asian fusion fare. Everything on their menu expertly highlights the flavours of Mexico, the Far East, and South America. As seen in dishes such as the Ahi Tuna Tostada, Lobster Mango Roll, and Tuna Tacos. It’s also the place to be after a night of revelry. So after dancing up a storm and indulging in tropical drinks while on a Scottsdale Night Club crawl, head to SumoMaya the morning after for their Bottomless Brunch. Try the Korean Fried Chicken Torta or feast on some Wagyu Steak and Eggs to wake up your taste buds, then wash it all down with Mimosas or Margaritas. 

Three Bowls and a Burro, North Phoenix

This restaurant features fresh, healthy food that showcases the unique flavours of Asian, Californian, and Mexican cuisine. Must-try dishes include the Yellow Bowl, a comforting dish made with white rice, grilled chicken, yellow peppers, toppings, and a zesty citrus soy ginger sauce. Meanwhile, burrito fans will surely enjoy the Blue Burro. It is a grilled flour tortilla filled with white rice, grilled chicken, purple cabbage, cheese, and barbecue sauce. 

The fusion food scene in Arizona is heating up. So drop by The Grand Canyon State. And enjoy feasting on some of the most flavorful and creative Asian and Central American fusion dishes in the country. 

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