The Evolution of Cafe Culture

The Evolution of Cafe Culture

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

We all love relishing baked goodies no matter if they are sweet or savory. If you are feeling hungry, you can always grab some freshly baked hot dogs. If you have a sweet tooth, cakes, and pastries would help satiate your sweet hunger. If you are already craving something delicious, you should look out for a bakery near me. If you are living in Orlando Fl, you would find several bakeries that would help you with your desire to eat baked items. If you are looking for something off the beat, you should try out Mecatos Bakery & Cafe. They are originally from Colombia, so you can expect to relish some authentic Colombian dishes. If you are looking up on the search engine for desserts near me, Mecatos is the place to be.

Mecatos Bakery & Cafe has been offering the residents of Orlando, Florida a taste of Colombia. Imagine you are walking down the streets of Colombia. What do you expect to find there? Delicious coffee, empanadas, arepas, Mallorca sandwich, Pan de Bono, Bunuelo, and several other delicacies. Back in 2015, Mr. Edwin Lurduy conceptualized Mecatos and opened his first cafe in 2016. With the growing popularity of the first store and the fact that people are loving their offerings, Mr. Lurduy planned and opened the second cafe in the succeeding year. Over time, its popularity and fame grew far and wide and today, Mecatos Bakery & Cafe serves its customers from six stores. The good news is that the seventh one is in the pipeline.


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So, where are the bakeries & cafes located?

Well, you are lucky to find Mecatos Bakery & Cafe at the following places:

  1. Waterford Lakes
  2. MetroWest
  3. W. Colonial (Ocoee)
  4. Lake Nona
  5. Downtown
  6. Lake Underhill
  7. Hansel Ave (Opening soon)

If you are staying close to any one of them, you can visit the cafe with your family or friends and enjoy the pure taste of Colombian food. Once you eat there, you would want to return there again and again.

Mecatos Bakery & Cafe serve various foods and beverages but some of them are the most popular ones. Pan de Bono is one of their hot-selling products. It is scrumptious bread freshly baked in the oven with loads of cheese. You can either buy a plain one or try one of the three flavors available – Sweet milk, Nutella, or Guava. Empanadas are another popular food item which is a baked goodie filled with cheese, chicken, or beef. It is as tasty as the filling. They also offer a puff pastry called Quesitos which is full of creamy cheese and sugar topping.

When you visit the cafe with your friends, you would love the ambiance. You can spend quality time with your close ones there and the environment is relaxing and welcoming. You can expect excellent customer service at the cafe as the staff is well-mannered and friendly. If you have not visited them once and reading this makes you curious and hungry, you should visit Mecatos Bakery & Cafe at the earliest.

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