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4 Ways to Celebrate the National Foodies Day

Last Updated on January 5, 2019

There are two things that drew me into this community; the love of writing, and the love of food. Food and cooking are things that bind people together and a good meal can create friendships that last forever. I did meet my best friend while sharing a basket of chicken wings after all, and memories like that don’t come from just anywhere. So how better to celebrate food than with a whole holiday devoted to it? Across the United States, May 9th is National Foodies Day, and we at Travel for Food Hub are rejoicing! Here are a few ways we love to celebrate food.


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Usually a Sunday mid-morning tradition, brunch signifies the end of the weekend and the return to the work week. This nationwide celebration is rung in with all kinds of breakfast food, with the addition of a mimosa. My personal favorite is pancakes with fruit and some hash browns, but feel free to mix it up!

While most people know of brunch and its purpose, it truly is a new staple in the American food routine. If you decide to partake in this tradition, try something new! Order eggs with a vegetable you’ve never tried fried on the side, or yogurt with local honey and fruit for a sweeter twist. Top it all off with orange or grapefruit juice mixed with champagne, and you’ve got yourself a perfect weekend sendoff.

Local and Healthy Alternatives

A trending lifestyle change is eating healthy and local. This change can be in small food items like fruit and vegetables, or huge adjustments to vegetarian and vegan eating. One of my local retreats is one of the best food halls in the US, Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. It’s a beautiful and historic place that offers a colorful, vibrant, and friendly alternative to a chain grocery store.

A chance to meet face to face with the people who work hard to bring their fresh goods to you is humbling and enlightening. Plus the food variety is incredible! Fresh caught sustainable fish, hand cut pasta, herbed vinegar, olive oils, and desserts of all kind make it worth heading there. Any meal can be enhanced from food that is locally sourced, and National Foodies Day is all about celebrating food you love! Be sure to search and find a local market near you.

TAKEAWAY: Seattle’s Pike Place market has been open for over 100 years supplying fresh and local ingredients to guests all year round. The world famous fish throwers handle salmon, swordfish, halibut, and tuna to throw over the heads of the crowd and amaze those passing by. It also supplies teas, flowers, vegetables, and Native American art in the crafts section of the large three-story market.

Backyard BBQ’s

As warmer nights approach people prepare to celebrate outside with cooked meats, roasted corn, and sauces galore. One of the best parts of National Foodies Day is to celebrate the traditions that make food special to you. And making an old family recipe or a newfound favorite is a great way to share the love of food.

BBQ’s create an atmosphere of sharing and kindness, and one of the best-traded secrets is a recipe. Crafted with care and after trial and error, a good BBQ sauce enhances everything it touches. The United States has a culture around these lawn parties, with sauces almost at the center of every main dish. Made with plenty of spices, chopped veggies, oils, and butter, you can top any grilled meat and serve fresh for a lasting flavor to share and enjoy.

Drink Pairings

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It may be National Foodies Day, but what you pair your food with is equally important. Water simply won’t do, since there’s so much out there that could enhance a meal! Brunch obviously pairs with a mimosa, but what about everything else?

Let’s start with grilled salmon. A smokey or charred flavor such as this pairs best with wine, such as a Pinot Noir or Pinot Gris to match both your taste and the overall notes. BBQ’s have many different options, like a burger. The best with a burger is a beer; a hearty tradition and a match in flavor. A brown ale such as Alesmith Nut Brown Ale or your local selection will help match the notes of cooked meat and cheese and balance well. Lastly, a BBQ favorite is steak. This holds a hearty flavor and a good amount of meat, so you want to match but not overpower this.  There are many ways to enjoy a good steak. Many recommend pairing it with whiskey as the first choice, with a dark beer or white wine as second. Being able to find the perfect match for your meal will help enhance and celebrate the National Foodies Day beyond your expectations!

National Foodies Day is a great day to celebrate one’s love for food. The examples above are just a few ways people can get involved, from finding a local food market and promoting small businesses to passing on old family favorites to those who shared the meal or buying a gift for a foodie friend. It’s all about our mutual love!

The experience we all share through food is social; so feel free to share stories and photos of what you’ve made of the day. As foodies, it is up to us to share thoughts and feelings about these culinary wonders and spread it to anyone who wants to know why we love what we do. So go and teach others why this day is important, for that’s what we do best; we eat, we mix it up, we enjoy, and we share.

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