The Best Places for Foodie Travel in Mallorca 

The Best Places for Foodie Travel in Mallorca 

Last Updated on May 30, 2023

If you’re passionate about food and are in pursuit of the best places in Mallorca for some of the best cuisines, we’re here to help! This beautiful part of Europe makes up the largest of the Balearic Islands and boasts fantastic restaurants, vibrant markets and mouth-watering delicacies at every twist and turn. Wander the lovely cobblestone streets that wind through the quaint towns and villages and be prepared to stumble upon some excellent eateries along the way! 

Whether you’re seeking a fine dining experience, an authentic taverna or somewhere to enjoy some delicious dishes with a view, Mallorca has it all. Below are some of the best spots around the island to enjoy the foodie delights here. This post will help give you an insight into the culinary world of Mallorca, ensuring you can visit this stunning part of Spain with all of the best places in mind. 


Palma is an outstanding historical city in Mallorca. The metropolis is also the capital of the Balearic Islands and somewhere that shouldn’t be missed. There are fantastic eateries at every twist and turn, alongside some great opportunities to try delicious local delicacies. So, the first stop on our journey around Mallorca is some of the favoured restaurants of beautiful Palma. 

If you’re looking for some authentic tapas nestled away in the historic centre of Palma, El Pilon is the place to be. Here you can enjoy a fantastic selection of pintxos, or bitesize tapas. The restaurant is also known for its pulpo Mallorquin, which consists of grilled octopus and mouth-watering roast potatoes, seafood lovers are sure to be impressed by this house’s speciality. 

Celler sa Premsa is ideal for those pursuing some traditional Mallorcan cuisine. The authentic atmosphere and welcoming staff make this a memorable experience for all. When entering the restaurant you will discover some impressive oak barrels – a reminder of the wine cellar that used to be here. Try the delicious frito Mallorquin, a tasty dish comprising meat and liver with onions, peppers, potato and seasoning. For those on a plant-based diet, you can try a mouthwatering option known as tumbet which resembles much of the ratatouille-style meal.  

Some of the other places worth checking out in Palma include Fera, Quina Creu, Restaurante El Nautico, Restaurante Tast Union, plus many more. You will stumble across multiple of these culinary delights whilst exploring the city. This is the best way to find gems that are often hidden in the corners of the bustling metropolis! 

Porto Cristo

Looking for an unmatched culinary experience? Well, the lovely coastal town of Porto Cristo is sure to impress. From freshly caught seafood to authentic plates in abundance, this lovely little town will satisfy the most avid of foodie explorers. 

Perched on the seafront, Porto Cristo is best known for its tantalising seafood offering. Visitors can enjoy freshly caught fish that are transformed into culinary masterpieces. From grilled sardines to buttery lobster and succulent prawns, you will be spoilt for choice when visiting here. 

The rich agricultural background of Porto Cristo also provides guests with even more dining options. With fresh produce and tasty fruit and vegetables, the town’s farming allows for a diverse range of plates throughout the eateries here. Try the vibrant salads and spicy cured sausage, plus a variety of other options. 

Port d’Alcudia

Looking for stunning coastline vistas paired with a selection of mouthwatering dishes? If so, Port d’Alcudia is the place for you. This gorgeous part of Mallorca provides visitors with a culinary journey like no other. Plus, its excellent position by the sea allows for some of the best seafood that the island has to offer. 

From succulent prawn dishes to classic seafood paellas, there’s something for everyone when eating out in Port d’Alcudia. These dishes include locally sourced oysters and delicious mussels and clams, seasoned to perfection and served with some fine wine, meaning you’re sure to be impressed when dining here. 

There are also some authentic family-run eateries in Port d’Alcudia, great for those seeking a little tradition during their culinary adventures. Here you can find some homemade Mallorcan delights, alongside some international favourites. Sit by the sea and enjoy a selection of Italian, Asian and Spanish cuisine when dining in Port d’Alcudia. 

Not only does the stunning town have an excellent range of places to eat, but its idyllic surroundings and peaceful atmosphere make dining in Port d’Alcudia even more memorable. A culinary journey in Mallorca simply isn’t complete without visiting this pretty part of the island.  


Last, but certainly not least is the pretty town of Pollença. After exploring the top sights and attractions here, you will discover some excellent eateries to relax and re-energise. This is a particularly popular destination to stay in Mallorca, great for those looking to learn more about the rich history and heritage of the island. It is an ideal spot for those hoping to climb the steps to El Calvari or wander around the lovely shops and historic streets. 

Something that makes dining in Pollença so unique is the range of stunning buildings in which these eateries are nestled away in. From excellent historic spots around the former monastery to unique feasts in the old cinema, the locations to eat here are sure to impress. 

The 365 Son Brull restaurant in Pollença provides guests with a special experience whilst enjoying a bite to eat. This unique spot is situated in the former monastery, providing an excellent blend of history and cuisine. Here you can enjoy everything from traditional tapas to an á la carte menu and lavish fine dining. Perfect for a romantic evening out in Pollença, the 365 Son Brull is certainly worth a try. 

For something a little more intimate, the Cantonet in Pollença allows guests to relax in a serene courtyard whilst enjoying a variety of cuisines. Here you can find everything from locally sourced seafood to excellent meat dishes, fresh pasta and homemade sweet treats. This is a great place to visit for those exploring the town with family or their partner, as it caters to a range of tastes and preferences. 

There are plenty of other restaurants, bars and cafes around Pollença that are certainly worth checking out. Spend some time wandering around the pretty streets here and you’re sure to stumble across something for you! 


Mallorca is a food lover’s dream with plenty of fantastic towns and cities to explore. Here you will encounter a range of culinary ventures, all of which cater to a variety of tastes. From the lively streets of Palma, the serene aura surrounding Porto Cristo, the coastal dining in Port d’Alcudia and the hidden gems of Pollença, Mallorca won’t disappoint. 

Wander around these lovely towns and cities in Mallorca, providing the best way to uncover more of the hidden eateries and traditional tavernas. A dining experience on the island also allows guests to soak up the history and heritage at every twist and turn, combine this with some excellent dishes and you couldn’t wish for much more! 

Takeaway:An interesting takeaway from the cuisine in Mallorca is that people often think that it is based on dishes such as paella. Whilst this is a traditional plate on the island, the cuisine here mainly focuses on pork, fresh seafood and locally sourced fruit and vegetables. The salt here is also harvested on the south of the island and is an important ingredient for many of their dishes. 

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