Celebrate Your Birthday on a Cruise in Melbourne

How to Celebrate Your Birthday on a Cruise in Melbourne

Last Updated on September 28, 2023

Wow! You have made it to another year. Birthdays are very special as you are entering towards the new phase of life. You should memorably celebrate this landmark. Doesn’t the idea of celebrating your birthday on a cruise in Melbourne excite you? Now that you are kicking off to a new decade and nothing beats the fun of going on a Yarra River Cruise in Melbourne.

Get over the land-based celebration and turn your birthday celebration into a meaning event in the river.

Here are the best ways to celebrate your birthday party to the fullest on a cruise:

Bring Friends

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Birthday cruises are so much fun with the people you love, be that your friends or family. Celebrating a birthday in a river cruise will create memories for you to cherish forever.

This way you can make your birthday party special. Also, you will cut down on expenses as you can avail group discounts. Make sure you book the cruise trip with the best tour operators in Melbourne as they will offer you the special packages for your birthday party.

Plan a Birthday Dinner

Most of us usually celebrate birthdays by going out for dinner; you don’t have to break the tradition just because you are on the sea. Plan a birthday dinner on the cruise and treat yourself and your friends with delicious food aboard.

Don’t forget to tell the restaurants owners or the tour operators that it is your birthday. You may get a birthday cake or a compliment dish.

Order a Cake

Birthdays are incomplete without a birthday cake and lots of candles on it. However, candles are not allowed on board, but you can order a cake for your special day in advance. The crew and your travels pals will sing happy birthday, too.

You can also take your birthday cake to the cruise and ask the staff to decorate it. Cutting the birthday cake with the water singing for you, live music playing your birthday song and the Melbourne skyline in the background, this will surely make your birthday a very special day.

Dancing on board

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Melbourne River Cruise have fantastic music and dance floors, so make sure you put on your dancing shoes, and dance like no one is watching.

Gather your friends, grab some drinks and let loose on the dance floor. You won’t even need to worry about how to get back home. The tour operators in Melbourne provides pick up and drop off service. You can drink and dance with no worries at all.

Let Everyone Know

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Don’t hide your birthday with the travel agents or the cruise staff. They can provide you with special surprises if they know it’s your birthday. Let everyone know it’s your birthday and gets pampered with all the love and the gifts.

Birthday cruise makes amazing surprises, all you have to do is book the best tour operator, and they can turn a simple birthday party into a memorable cruise birthday party.

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Christian Taylor is a tour & event management specialist with Dreamscape Tours – a company that organises elite Yarra River cruises, Winery Tours, Night Club Tours, Train & Christmas Tour packages in Melbourne.

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