Stretch your travel budget

5 Tips to Stretch your Travel Budget

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

We know how frustrating it can be to be beaten by the travel bug but don’t have the money to visit all the places you would want to. The world is full of surprising corners to discover and having a low travel budget shouldn’t stop you from living your dream. So we are going to explore the main five expenses for every trip to help you stretch your travel budget.

Tip #1 How to stretch your plane tickets costs


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It is well known that booking well in advance and being flexible with your flying dates can save you a lot of money. But you may not always have that versatility. So what other interesting ways to stretch your flights’ costs?

You may want to design an itinerary that includes surface sectors. It involves flying into and out of different airports and travelling between them by train, bus or boat. This means that for the same amount of money, you will be able to see more places and explore even more your destinations.

Another good way to find cheaper flights online is by using an incognito window. As many airline prices go up after multiple searches, you may want to open an incognito window within your browser to search and compare flight prices.

Tip #2 Find the best hotel deals


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It is widespread knowledge that travelling off-season you will spend less on your accommodation. But what if you have to take your holiday during peak season? Here are some pro traveller tips to find the best hotel deals.

A great way to find the best hotel deals, without compromising the quality of the places you stay in, is to become a member of a booking website program. It is absolutely free and you will instantly unlock secret prices up to 50% off. So it is possible to stay in incredible hotels worldwide at very affordable prices

Tip #3 Eat with the locals


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When you are visiting a new country, one of the best ways to explore its culture and meet new people is by trying regional food. Finding the bars and restaurants where locals eat will not only be the most affordable option but also the most authentic.

There are also websites and apps that connect travellers with locals who organise dinner parties, cooking classes and other foodie experiences in their beautiful homes. And if you have time to cook while you are travelling, don’t forget to visit the food markets to do your grocery shopping.

Tip #4 Find affordable activities


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Activities can sometimes be quite expensive but they are also necessary to make the most out of your holiday time. But there are ways to find good deals to visit museums, get musical tickets, attend guided city tours, join yoga classes or even go diving and surfing.

A good starting point is to grab a local newspaper and look for what’s happening around town. You may also want to search for coupons and deals sites. Social media platforms are another good option to look for competitions, giveaways and special offers by location.

Tip #5 Join a group tour


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Finally, group tours are sometimes the most affordable way to explore a new place, meet new people and stretch your travel budget. Travel guides are the best people to ask about local deals and things to do so make sure you ask your group tour guide all the doubts you have to stretch your travel budget.

These are some good tips to stretch your travel budget but as an experienced traveller, you may have some more. Please feel free to share with us your tips in the comments below.

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