A Guide for the Best Food Trucks in Phoenix

A Guide for the Best Food Trucks in Phoenix

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Travelers with a passion for seeking out warm-weather destinations across the U.S. often find Phoenix, Arizona near the top of the list. This southwestern gem of a vacation destination is loved for its soaring temperatures as much as its dynamic desert landscapes, upscale spas and golf courses in combination with plenty of places to simply kick back, relax and enjoy the fact you find yourself in sunny Arizona. No matter how you categorize yourself as a traveler, or what your preferences may be when it comes to getting out and making the most of the Phoenix scenery, chances are that at some point during your adventures, your appetite is going to come calling. Fortunately, Phoenix is a city that enjoys a culinary scene as appealing as its landscape and weather. Those on the hunt for some spicy southwest fare won’t have to look far to enjoy it. Those searching for a dining experience that comes with a global twist are also in luck. While the many brick and mortar restaurants that call Phoenix home are sure to inspire the palate, the options are just as intriguing when it comes to local food trucks. This ever-growing and popular culinary trend takes food options on the road and provides a mobile, yet savory take on everything from the best burgers in Phoenix and delicious tacos to seafood and baked goods too. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Phoenix is likely to host a food truck to match your taste. Here are some of the best food trucks in Phoenix to hit up the next time you’re in town.

1. Modern Tortilla


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From tacos and burritos to the many quesadillas to be enjoyed in between, Modern Tortilla is a one-stop-shop food truck in Phoenix when you’re in the mood to savor some south of the border dishes on the go. Street tacos are yours for the enjoying when you swing by Modern Tortilla while you’re visiting the city. This taco truck is the passion project of Chef Tom D’Ambrosio who aims to provide guests with street tacos that take southwest infusion to a new level. Whether you go with the steak burrito or the el ranchero taco plate, be sure to pair it with an order of churros to ensure your visit ends on a sweet note.

2. Nogales Hot Dogs


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Hot dogs are always a treat when you’re searching for something traditional to curb a craving and Nogales Hot Dogs is one of the best food trucks Phoenix for hot dog lovers. Situated along Indian School Road, Nogales Hot Dogs is known and loved across the city for it’s one of a kind take on Sonoran-inspired hot dogs. Guests can sink their teeth into bean, mayo, cheese and guacamole topped hot dogs that are often wrapped in bacon to finish the flavorful combination. This truck is open between 7:00 pm and midnight most days of the week, making it a great place for a late-night and early-morning snack.

3. The Maine Lobster Lady


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Phoenix doesn’t enjoy a coastal view, but that doesn’t mean the best in seafood can’t be found while you’re in town. Those visitors looking for a truck that brings the taste of Maine to the southwest will find what they’re looking for in The Maine Lobster Lady food truck. This family-run business serves up lobster rolls topped with drizzling butter on the daily between the months of November and April. This truck is particularly difficult to miss as it comes painted bright blue and complete with a coastal Maine mural on the side. Complete your order at The Maine Lobster Lady by adding a side of blueberry lemonade and clam chowder before finishing off your experience with a homemade whoopie pie.

4. Island Loco


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A taste of the Hawaiian Islands isn’t hard to find when you visit Island Loco during your Phoenix adventure. This stop serves up authentic island fare from the comfort and convenience of their mobile restaurant. Whether you’re craving a fusion taco combing the best of teriyaki chicken and garlic aioli or have a hankering for an island burrito bowl featuring butter lime rice, your choice is bound to sweep your thoughts away to sunny and sand destinations. The Island Loco food truck has a robust catering schedule, so it’s important to check their calendar to see where they might be the next time you’re in Phoenix.

5. Dipstick Waffles and Bakery


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Have a sweet tooth to satisfy while you’re in Phoenix? Dipstick Waffles and Bakery food truck is the answer to all of your worries. This gourmet waffle truck is known for its savory hot off the griddle options but also serves up pastries and mouthwatering cakes upon request. Open from morning until the late-night crowd comes calling, there’s never a bad time for dessert and this food truck is happy to help you find what you’re looking to enjoy when something sweet would hit the spot.

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