How to make Spanish Meatballs

How to make Spanish Meatballs

Last Updated on March 23, 2023

Meatballs are a dish I grew up with since I was a child. My grandmother and my mother cooked them, and now I do. My grandmother taught us how to make Spanish meatballs and now it’s my turn to share the meatball recipe with you all. I hope you like it as much as I do. But first, let’s see what meatballs are and some interesting facts about them.

Spanish meatballs, also known as albóndigas, are a delicious and savory dish that has been a favorite among Spaniards for centuries. These meatballs are made using a combination of ground meat, bread crumbs, and various spices, and are often made with ground beef or pork, breadcrumbs, eggs, and spices, and typically served in a tomato-based sauce.

In this article, we’ll explore what Spanish meatballs are made of, what the secret to meatballs is, why milk is used in meatballs, and whether or not eggs are necessary in this dish. We’ll also provide a tasty Spanish meatballs recipe that you can try at home!

What are Spanish Meatballs made of?

Spanish meatballs are typically made using a combination of ground beef and ground pork, but can also be made with just one type of meat. Other ingredients include bread crumbs, milk, eggs, garlic, parsley, and paprika. Some recipes also call for chopped onions, grated cheese, or even diced ham. These ingredients are all mixed together to create a flavorful mixture, which is then shaped into small balls.

What is the Secret to Meatballs?

The secret to making great meatballs is to ensure that the mixture is well seasoned, and that the balls are not overworked. Overworking the mixture can result in tough meatballs, so it’s important to mix the ingredients until just combined. Adding a bit of moisture, such as milk or grated onion, can also help keep the meatballs moist and tender.

Another key to great meatballs is in the cooking method. Some recipes call for the meatballs to be fried before being added to the sauce, while others call for them to be baked or simmered directly in the sauce.

Why do You Put Milk in Meatballs?

Milk is often used in meatball recipes as a way to keep the meatballs moist and tender. The milk helps to add moisture to the mixture, which prevents the meatballs from becoming too dry during cooking. It also helps to bind the ingredients together, making it easier to

Is egg necessary in meatballs?

No, eggs are not strictly necessary in meatballs, but they are often used as a binding agent to help the meatballs hold together. Eggs can also add moisture and flavor to meatballs.

If you prefer not to use eggs in your meatballs, there are other options you can try. One common substitute for eggs in meatballs is breadcrumbs, which can help to bind the ingredients together. Another option is to use a mixture of ground flaxseed and water as a binding agent.

How to say meatballs in Spanish?

Albóndigas. The word “albóndigas” has its origin in the Arabic language. It comes from the Arabic word “al-bunduq” (البندق), which means hazelnut. The word “al-bunduq” was used to refer to small round objects, such as the shape of hazelnuts, and eventually came to be used to refer to meatballs.

When the Moors (Muslim inhabitants of North Africa and Spain) ruled over Spain from the 8th to the 15th centuries, they brought with them their culinary traditions, including dishes made with meat and spices. The Spanish adopted and adapted these dishes, including the meatball, which became known as “albóndigas.”


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How to make Spanish Meatballs: Spanish meatballs recipe


  • 1 pound ground meat (you can use beef, pork, or a combination of both)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 clove of garlic, minced
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons of breadcrumbs
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Olive oil
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 can of crushed tomatoes
  • 1 cup of chicken broth
  • 1 tablespoon of flour


  1. In a large bowl, mix the ground meat with the egg, garlic, onion, breadcrumbs, salt, and pepper. Knead the mixture well until it is homogeneous.
  2. Shape the meat mixture into meatballs of the size you prefer and set them aside.
  3. In a large frying pan, heat some olive oil over medium heat. Add the meatballs and cook them until they are browned on all sides. Remove them from the pan and set them aside.
  4. In the same pan, add the red bell pepper and cook it for a few minutes until it is tender.
  5. Add the can of crushed tomatoes and chicken broth to the pan. Mix well and bring to a boil.
  6. Add the meatballs to the sauce and let them cook over low heat for about 20 minutes.
  7. In a glass, mix the flour with some water to create a smooth liquid mixture.
  8. Add the flour and water mixture to the pan and mix well to thicken the sauce. Let it cook for a few more minutes.
  9. Serve the meatballs with hot sauce and enjoy this delicious and comforting dish. You can serve it with rice or French fries if you like. Bon appétit!

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