Food Ideas for Garden Parties

4 Delicious Food Ideas for Garden Parties

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Garden parties can range from playful to elegant. Deciding what kind of garden party you want to have is the first thing you want to do. Some ideas are a tea party, a halloween homemade food party or a street food garden party. You want your guests to mingle and have the choice of standing or sitting as they eat so choose your dishes accordingly. The following food ideas for garden parties will help you plan the theme and choose just the right foods to make it the perfect party:

1. Choose Seasonal Dishes


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Whatever dish you choose, keep it seasonal if possible. A spring garden party calls for light flavors and plenty of fruits or vegetables straight from the farmer’s market. The best seasonal cuisine is simple, so the flavors are fresh and delicious. In the spring, you can’t go wrong with anything that includes asparagus. Summer parties should include lots of fresh fruit like watermelon and cantaloupe.

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2. Simple Dishes Are Best


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A heavy dish, like lasagna, that you use a knife and fork to eat, will not work for a garden party. You could stick with appetizers only or just dishes that call for forks. Ask yourself before you put an item on a menu, “Can a guest stand and eat that?” Remember that guests will probably want to walk around and look at your garden. Consider mini-quiches, chicken salad with sprouts on croissants or even a nice green salad with blueberry vinaigrette. For dessert, try mini fruit tarts, petit fours, or tea cookies that guests can eat easily.

3. Sandwich Trays


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Sandwich trays with a nice variety of meats and cheeses are popular as well. You can set it up so that guests can fix what sandwiches they like or have premade ready. Chicken and ham salad are good choices. Sub sandwiches sliced with condiments on the side are always well received.

4. Delicious Drinks

Cold or hot teas are both very good at this type of event. Incorporate teas that continue your theme. Herbal teas are quite lovely. They can be pink, blue or purple so serve in clear pitchers. Add an edible flower for beauty. Or, you can add sprigs of mint to a pitcher of iced tea for a cool drink. Fresh-squeezed orange juice or a berry punch is also a nice alternative.

Afternoon or evening, spring, or summer, you can create a party to remember. Regardless of which options you decide on, with these food ideas for garden parties you will complement your theme and create a relaxing environment for your guests.

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