Unique Dessert Ideas for Weddings

5 Unique Dessert Ideas for Weddings

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Plenty of couples are changing the traditional wedding cake for a variety of mouthwatering wedding desserts instead. A four-tier sugary confection may sound boring and not very appealing for your perfect day. Why not considering more modern and unique dessert options? If you want to take your reception menu to the next level, you may want to choose a fun catering for your event to help you start looking at some unique dessert ideas for weddings. Check out this list for inspiration:

1. Spanish churros


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Instead of the traditional ring doughnut, Spanish churros are more original and equally delicious! These long extruded fingers of crunchy doughnut are traditionally served with drinking chocolate. And for a more memorable experience, you can offer a number of toppings if you hire a churros cart for your wedding. Some topping options are Nutella, cinnamon, cream, golden syrup, maple syrup, chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce, strawberry sauce or your favourite flavour jam.

2. Artisanal ice-cream from a local boutique


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Who doesn’t love ice-cream? A well as being one of the most delicious desserts, a soft artisanal ice-cream is ideal after a heavy wedding meal since it helps to better digest food. Your guests will love the fact that you used a local ice-cream supplier for your wedding ice-cream cart. And they will be able to enjoy some of the most popular flavours such as mint choc chip, chocolate, cookies and cream, vanilla, pecan, pistachio, rum and raisins, strawberry and vanilla. With a wide range of toppings including Cadbury’s flakes, chocolate sauce, toffee sauce, sherbet dip, peanut dip or blue bubblegum sauce.

3. Candy floss carts


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As candy carts are becoming increasingly popular in weddings, a candy floss cart can be an original alternative. This delicious treat is made using an electric machine that is very easy to use and it basically heats and melts sugar. And you can also be quite original with your candy floss colours and flavours. Some ideas are cherry red, blue raspberry, grape purple, lemon yellow, pina colada, hot cinnamon or green watermelon.

4. Mousse cups


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Mousse cups are a delicious alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Individually prepared and in small portions, they offered a wide variety of flavours. Some of the most popular tastes are chocolate, coffee and strawberry. But you can be a bit more original and have carrot cake mousse cups or strawberry cheesecake mouse cups to impress your guests.

5. Belgian waffles


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The best waffles are super crisp on the outside and light as a feather inside. And to achieve that, you may want to use a deep grid pattern and light butter to make it fluffier. That’s the secret to making the perfect Belgian waffle! Combine the waffles with ice-cream, Nutella, fruit or toffee sauce and your guests will love it.

With these five unique dessert ideas for weddings, you can now start thinking of how to make your big day sweeter and super special. A day that everyone will remember!

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