Luxury villas in Sicily

Luxury villas in Sicily to spend an unforgettable holiday

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Organizing a fantastic holiday in Italy is an exciting activity, and Sicily is for sure the destination that shouldn’t be missing on the agenda! Sicily, famous for the crystal-clear sea, the cities of art and the incredible culinary dishes are a  must for all lovers of exciting vacations. Renting luxury villas in Sicily to have a beautiful holiday in the company of your friends and family is a great way to make the best of this experience: A comfy combination of culture, adventure, and luxury. What are the secrets of organizing an exciting trip to Sicily? Which information is important? Which are the places perfect to rent one of the best luxury villas in Sicily?

How to Choose an Interesting Place in Sicily


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Sicily is a blast! There are so many places to see in Sicily that it is difficult to understand where to start. The most suitable way to visit Sicily is to select a fix location and then to rent a car (also possible from the airport) in order to visit the sites. And don’t forget to take out all the insurance policies. Better to travel relaxed and without worries!

Plan the Perfect Period for the Trip


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The period in which you plan your trip, on the other hand, depends very much on your needs. Sicily is beautiful in summer and is the season best suited to a trip in full relaxation. And you know that here you can enjoy a beautiful sea, but there is nothing more relaxing for those who want to avoid the confusion of the beaches or want to relax when you return from a visit to the beauty of the island than a luxury villa with pool. The swimming pool is an addition for all travelers who like to organize their holidays with luxury and wellness and is also a meeting point where you can organize various activities in the water like swimming and diving.

Things to Do in Sicily


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Sicily is a big island, and it is essential to choose in advance all the places to visit in that amazing Italian region. Sicily is rich in places to visit: This island will be able to satisfy everyone. If you want to organize a trip where you can visit historical buildings, you can rent your Villa near Palermo. Amazing cities to visit are Syracuse and fantastic locations like the Valley of the Temples and the city of Taormina, where you can find beautiful beaches too.

Don’t miss to try the tasty Sicilian cuisine: it is very varied, passing from one location to another. Definitely, recommend are the famous rotisserie from Palermo, and also the fantastic arancine. Surely the flagship of Sicily is traditional sweets which you can find in different varieties and tastes. How not to mention the famous cannolo siciliano!

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