Aerial view of some of the trendy restaurants in Glasgow, Scotland.

6 Trendy Restaurants in Glasgow for Food Lovers

Last Updated on March 24, 2023

Glasgow is becoming a hidden gem of evolving food hubs. This fantastic city that is thriving with history, culture and arts is climbing up on the foodie ladder. Though it has never typically been known for its dining reputation other than chippies and renowned Indian cuisine, Glasgow has surprised locals and visitors with its recent influx of delicious dining options. From trendy bistros to top-rated pizza and burger joints as well as one of a kind taster menus and specialty restaurants, this Scottish town has evolved into a mecca for food lovers. Here are some trendy restaurants in Glasgow that shouldn’t be missed during a visit.

Most Popular Pizza

Don’t miss your chance to grab a slice of a Paesano’s pizza. Voted best pizza in the UK, they have really nailed it with their traditional Napoletana. This meal transports you to Italy with every bite. They use artisan built wood-fired ovens from Naples to cook these delectable pies. And the small yet satisfying menu keeps it simple and easy. With two locations in town it is the perfect place to sit back, relax with a glass of wine and indulge in the best pizza you’ve ever tasted!

Perfect Pub Grub

When it comes to the best pub grub, it is important to find a place that not only serves great food. You should also look for a place that has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Situated in the trendy West End area of the city, award-winning Stravaigin has it all. A cozy ambiance that could leave you curled up by the warm fire all day, a large selection of wines, beers and spirits and, of course, an eclectic yet tasty menu. Stravaigin focuses on traditional Scottish cuisine with a contemporary gastronomic twist. They offer both a café menu and restaurant menu. Each comprised of varied fare such as tandoori pheasant breast and traditional Scottish dish; haggis. Be sure to save room for dessert; they are to die for!

TAKEAWAY: As bizarre as it may sound, ‘Haggis Hurling’ is a unique sport which people often compete in during highland games. Haggis hurling tests strength and ability by launching a sheep’s lung (one of the main ingredients in haggis) as far as possible. The current Guinness world record has not been beaten since 2011. That’s the year when Lorne Coltart threw a haggis weighing in at 1.5lb over 217 feet at the Milngavie Highland Games.

Unbeatable Brekkie

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it a good one. At Singl-end café in the city center, they put a whole new twist on brunch. It has gained its popularity through its unique breakfast combos as well as their original ‘bakehouse’ dishes. These consist of poached fruit, homemade chocolate spread and freshly baked in-house bread. This venue is a must for people visiting Glasgow and a great way to start the day before setting out to explore all the wonders the city has to offer. Singl-end is placed in the heart of the city center which is also an excellent choice for accommodation.

Nearby hotel, Fraser Suites is ideally located. It is close to high street shops and public transport. But, more importantly, their serviced apartments provide kitchens, which means you can bring home your leftovers and eat them later! At Single-end, the delectable and varied menu offers something to suit all taste buds. Furthermore, it ensures a fun and filling start to anyone’s day.

Best Burgers

Burger joints seem to be one of the most popular trends appearing all over Glasgow these days. It seems that everywhere you look, another burger restaurant has appeared. So, who has the best buns? Bread Meats Bread comes in at the top with a menu oozing with melted cheese, a range of secret sauces and extra grease – all the good stuff! Using fresh, local ingredients, the winner of Scotland’s Best Burger 2016 offers a menu of burger combos that will blow you away. They also offer sandwiches, fried chicken burgers, toasties, poutine… And, of course, something for our vegetarian and vegan friends. Bread Meats Bread is excellent for an overindulgent meal or even a hangover cure. It is conveniently located next to Central Station, so accessing it from further away areas is simple.

Top-Rated Tapas

Tapas bars seem to be the latest rage anywhere you go. In fact, in Glasgow, they are becoming more and more popular. Original from Spain and the Basque Country, tapas and pintxos capture a lot of flavor in a small bite. Journey over to the West End once more to share some delicious plates at Rioja. Best to visit at night, this dim lighted, yet cozy little bar is bursting with amazing energy and enticing smells. The eclectic menu of tiny plates allows you and your friends to taste multiple dishes such as ceviche, 32-hour cooked suckling pig with apple, and cinnamon and Spanish favorite: paella. Sip on a glass (or bottle) of Rioja wine and take your time as you make your way through the tantalizing menu.

Something a Little Different

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary while in Glasgow, take a seat at one of the most highly-rated eating spots in the city: Six by Nico. This unique restaurant pushes all the boundaries of contemporary cuisine. The six-course taster menu which changes every six weeks is so diverse you don’t know what you’re going to get until you sit down. But that’s all part of the fun! For foodies, this is a memorable and incredible experience that you won’t quickly forget. It is advised to book at least a month ahead of time as it is difficult to score a reservation at this extremely in demand bistro.

As you can see, whatever brings you to the buzzing city of Glasgow, when it comes to food choices you will most definitely be spoiled. And you certainly won’t be disappointed if you get a bite in these 6 trendy restaurants in Glasgow. Bon appétit!

About the Author: Julie Robertson is a recent university graduate and current full-time traveler. She believes the best way to learn a culture is through the food and the residents. She dedicates her travels to getting to know each place from a local’s perspective and enjoys sharing her experiences with others through travel writing.

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