Facts & Statistics of Keurig & K-Cup

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

Keurig Green Mountain is also known as a K-Cup. Its describes their single-serve brewing capsule. The foil-lined, ringed design designs K-Cup with a plastic cup. Now, there are more modified models exist. Those modified model reduce the plastic container but still use the plastic ring with a foil lid.

Key advantages of K-Cups:

  • Impressive selection of blends, varietals, and flavored coffees.
  • Lower-priced K-Cup compatible brands now exist.
  • For most coffee drinkers, it brews a perfectly acceptable cup.
  • Highly convenient, self contained capsules.

Key disadvantages of K-Cups:

  • Generally higher priced than pods (especially more than regular brewed coffee!)
  • Plastic cup, foil lid, and ring creates significantly more waste vs. pods.
  • Some claim K-Cup coffee isn’t as flavorful as the soft pods.


Infographic via Qofia

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