Ultimate Guide to the Best Indian Food in NYC

Ultimate Guide to the Best Indian Food in NYC

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

New York City is a melting pot of people from many walks of life, and this is most apparent in the city’s cuisine, particularly its Indian cuisine. That´s why we thought you will need this guide to the best Indian food in NYC.

Someone who grew up in Indian cuisine will go to great lengths to track down the best Indian restaurants wherever they may be. They can’t get enough of that familiar flavor. Let’s face it, Indian cuisine isn’t exactly straightforward. The Chicken Tikka Masala and Garlic naan are delicious, but that’s not all!

Thousands of years of tradition and oral history dating back to the Indus Valley civilization (about 5,000 BCE) have resulted in India’s incredibly diverse regional cuisines. With all the conquests, commerce, and fusions with neighboring Asian countries, Indian cuisine has become intricate and dazzling.

The Indian cuisine in New York City is superb. Among the finest there are. And not just the more commonplace Northern Indian fare but also a wide variety of other Indian cuisines like South Indian, North-Eastern Indian, Gujarati, Indo-Chinese, and Indian fusion (yes – it’s a thing!).

Usha Foods

Vegetarian Indian restaurant in Floral Park, Queens, serving quick eats, savories, and sweets. One of the city’s best vegetarian options is available. Usha is one of the most incredible vegetarian locations because of the enormous quantities, the combo platters that allow you to try a little bit of everything, and the menu’s excellent demonstration of this. It’s not far from Patel Brothers, one of our go-to grocery stores for sourcing obscure Indian pantry goods. If you want to make Indian food on your own you can use Clay Pot to make the food more tasty.



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Dhamaka, opening in the middle of 2021 in Manhattan, provides cuisine from the “other side of India,” or the places and cuisines less recognizable to the American palate. The pleasantly spicy and texturally varied menu highlights excellent nibbles inspired by street food, artisanal breads, and goat biryani.


The owners of this Queens eatery wanted to create a place where locals could congregate, hence the restaurant’s name. Traditional foods such as buttered chicken on the bone and Lucknowi dum biryani may be enjoyed in the unique environment decorated with newspaper collages.

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Punjabi Groceries and Deli


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For a low price, you can get a massive plate of rice accompanied by your choice of three different kinds of authentic Indian vegetarian dishes like chana masala (chickpea curry) and saag paneer (creamed spinach).

Angel Indian Restaurant

Jackson Heights, home to probably the best Indian food in New York City, is home to this no-frills yet beloved eatery. Authentic Indian cuisine, focusing on foods from the north, is served. Attempt one of the several biryanis (mixed rice dishes) or the chole bhature (curried chickpeas served with puri) (deep-fried bread).

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This Union Square area cafe, whose name means “dialogue,” has tasty alternatives for vegans, pescatarians, and carnivores. Both the traditional dishes like curried chickpeas and black dahl, and the more experimental ones like crispy okra and guacamole, will give you and your companions plenty to talk about as you devour them. The butter naan, by the way, is delicious.

Dosa Royale

This bright and cheery South Indian eatery has become a neighborhood mainstay in Fort Greene. Many of the appetizers and curries put a modern spin on classic Indian dishes that emphasize vegetables. Grilled butter chicken is doused in sauce, and fried eggs can be added to any one of five different kinds of rice. Dosas, the restaurant’s eponymous dish, live up to expectations: they’re fluffy, filling, and so big they spill off the plate. Stop by during the lunch hour to save a bundle.



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Late-night Indian fare is available at this newest addition to Shiva Natarajan’s (Chola) restaurant empire. Located in the heart of Curry Hill in Midtown East, it is one of our favorite places to visit.

Jackson Dinner

More than just a place to eat, this restaurant serves as a social hub for New York’s Indian ex-pat community. As you munch on samosa chat topped with chickpeas, onion, yogurt, tomato, and a sweet-spicy blend of tamarind and mint chutneys, you can catch up on your favorite Hindi soaps on TV. If you’re not used to spicy food, ask for moderate versions of house specials like butter chicken (crisp chunks of marinated chicken stewed in curry and cream).


These Indian settlements are ideal for those who have spent the better part of the last two years hiding out from the world in fear of the COVID pandemic but are now ready to emerge from their protective shells and enjoy cuisine from all over India without having to book a flight.

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