6 Best Food Cities in Asia

6 Best Food Cities in Asia

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

We are aware of Asia’s popularity as a travel destination. Millions of individuals look for Umrah Packages each year in the hopes of visiting the Holy Kaaba and then traveling across the entire continent. But, have you wondered what contributes to the long-standing admiration of Asia? The straightforward answer to this is the unmatched taste – the Food. So we are going to tell you, from our experience, what are the best food cities in Asia.

Many hawkers in Asia’s streets prepare dishes using recipes passed down from one generation to the next. There’s no denying that a plethora of delectable (and reasonably priced) Food is rooted in Asia’s history. From Japan’s internationally famous sushi and China’s flavorful seafood to Pakistan’s super spicy Biryani, Asia has it all for the foodies.

But figuring out the best food cities in Asia is never a child’s play. Most people would agree that Asia has the best street food, albeit some cities are better than others in terms of Food. In all honesty, the countless food options here will make your head spin. So, whether you reside in Asia or are traveling to try the famous Asian cuisines, we have you covered!

This invaluable food guide shall resolve all your issues. Here’s to the six best food cities in Asia that have tastes worth drooling over:

1. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, or more commonly the Holy land for Muslims, has visitors all year round. People look for Umrah packages that allow an extended stay in Saudi Arabia to explore the country. Jeddah, where most people land for their holy pilgrimages, is a city with dozens of tempting restaurants.

Travelers to Jeddah don’t take long to learn that they have a lot to explore here when it’s about satisfying their appetites. Some must-try dishes of Jeddah include the Kabsa (the national dish of Saudi Arabia), Matazeez, Mandi, etc.

Does that make your mouth water? Now is the time to book your ticket to Saudi Arabia for this vacation!

2. Tokyo, Japan


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The delicious cuisines of Japan know no bounds. However, Tokyo tops the list when it comes to unique culinary experiences. The best part is that Tokyo has everything, from pricey street food to upscale gourmet. The city enjoys the most Michelin-starred eateries than any other city around the globe.

Among the top foodie dishes in Tokyo, the most beloved is sushi. It’s best to book a high-end sushi place. And if that doesn’t fit your budget, you have other excellent options for street sushi. Next, Ramen is another specialty of Japan, and Tokyo has a whole street dedicated to it– Ramen Street.

Aside from the classic eating, Tokyo dining has some one-of-a-kind experiences like the custom of sitting on the floor for meals. Not to forget, a trip to Japan won’t be worth the while without trying out the street food.

3. Lahore, Pakistan


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Lahoris– the people of Lahore live and breathe delicious Food. You’ll suit your budget and taste perfectly and find hundreds of food places scattered throughout the city. All the restaurants in Lahore stay open to their visitors till 3 am, facilitating foodies and late-night cravers. You name a food, and Lahore has it already.

From unique western styles to simple street food kiosks, the city of Lahore is the answer to all your cravings– any time of the day. Lahore is best known for its Tikka– the grilled barbecue chicken, mutton or beef.

Additionally, the city has many other foodie delights like Paratha rolls, Biryani, Chapli kebab, and the list goes on. So, if you’re going to Lahore, rest assured you’ll find the best Food to treat yourself.

4. Shiraz, Iran

Iran often goes overlooked when it comes to Asian Food, but Shiraz in Iran has an excellent food culture. The Food there contributes primarily to why Shiraz is so famous today. It’s not uncommon to be overfed with delicious kebabs, stews, and heaps of rice.

The most famous foods you’ll find there include Persian classics, Shirazi salads, and some mouth-watering desserts. For dinners, Iranian people have pulao- a spicy rice dish served with veggies and meatballs. Among their desserts, the Shirazi saffron ice cream is worth trying. It won’t be wrong to say that Shirazis have always had a knack for cooking.

If you’re going to Iran, head to Shiraz and spoil yourself with the dishes that couldn’t taste any better—drooling already, right?

5. Taipei, Taiwan


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Taipei has cuisines you don’t want to miss out on. The night markets there is the heart of the city. You may get Taiwanese Food on the streets, in small restaurants, large food courts, and in malls. In Taipei, budget is not an issue.

Among the most popular cuisines in Taipei include fried chicken steak, soup dumplings, fried pork chop on rice etc.

6. Hong Kong, China


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Recognized for its decadent recipes and flavors, Hong Kong often doesn’t get enough credit for its taste. On top of that, Hong Kongers love noodles and have a massive variety of all types of noodles.

On the other hand, they eat dim sum when it’s time to celebrate. Dim sum isn’t just a dish for them but has become a southern Chinese food symbol. With its wide selection of inexpensive coffee shops and dim sum restaurants, Hong Kong can draw tourists on a budget.

So, why wait longer when you can travel and grab a bowl of your favorite noodles from the city? Book your tickets now.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, Asia has the upper hand over other continents regarding its delicious Food. If you’re travelling to Asia in the future, try out these dishes mentioned in the article. Or, if you reside here, treat yourself to these flavors and some cuisines if you haven’t already.

Do let us know if we’ve missed out on any dish. Hopefully, this will be a great insight to satisfy your appetites—happy travelling & eating.

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