Nordic Food Trends

6 Delicious Nordic Food Trends You Need to Try

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Travelling is good for your health. Research has found that individuals who travel a lot have a lesser risk of developing cardiovascular complications. It also has a lot of advantages for your mental health. After taking a week or two from work and travelling with the Best Nordic Tours & Trips, you come back rejuvenated and with new ideas. The tours are better when you visit the Nordic nations. The natural phenomena like the Northern Lights, the Polar Lights, and the Midnight Sun are breath-taking. There are tons of famous city destinations and dozens of outdoor event to attend. There is one more thing: Nordic cuisine. It never disappoints. Here are some of the Nordic food trends you need to try.

1. Fermenting meat and sausages

This is probably something that you have not come across. The thought of fermenting meat may be scary and impractical. However, once you try it, you can never look back. One has to be careful with this because there is no room for error. If done the wrong way, you will never want to hear of it again. However, if you get it right the first shot, you will get addicted.

The fermented or curated meat and sausages often go perfectly with sandwiches and hot dogs. Topped with Nordic salad, you are going to have an explosive meaty experience.

2. Preservation of produce


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The Nordic countries have a unique way of preserving their food for the cold season. It is a practice that has taken place for centuries, and you can only imagine by now, they have perfected the art. Nordic food is mainly centred at grains, fish, pork, cabbage, and edible roots. While the preservation was primarily aimed at increasing the shelf life of the food, it led to the development of amazing recipes.

Take Tørrfisk, which is also known as dried cod, for instance. The fish is decapitated, the guts removed and dried tied by their tails. This is done for several weeks or months. At the end of the preservation period, is a fish meal like no other. Fermenting and making jams is another preservation method that has led to the development of fantastic food. You might want to try out Swedish Gravalax too. It is cured salmon, and you will not get over it.

3. Unique and unconventional ingredients

Nordic-inspired ingredients will change your entire experience with food. Barnängen, for instance, will give you a feel of Swedish cuisine. It consists of various plants, herbs, and nutritious food, which the Swedes have been onto for a long time. The blend of the ingredients is perfectly selected, giving you the best of natural ingredients for your food.

4. Open-faced sandwich


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You must be wondering what this looks like. Also known as Smorrebrod is one of the Nordic food trends you will undoubtedly fall in love with. The open sandwich is mostly associated with avocado toast, but in Nordic countries, it is quite different. The ingredients used include rye bread, fish, vegetables, and eggs. The rye bread is usually the base, and then the rest of the ingredients are used as the toppings.

To go all the way Nordic, you can serve the open sandwich with chives, mayo, and potatoes. Experimenting with the toping’s allowed: you can always throw in your two cents in the recipe.

5. Foraging for food

Nordic countries use foraging as an opportunity to connect with the environment and finding free food to cook. Most people would love the idea of foraging. They would instead go to the grocery store and collect food to go and cook back at home. It is worth noting that foraging will change your entire food experience. Knowing where the food originates and sweating for it is satisfying.

You don’t have to go into the wild to get that. You can source mushrooms and other herbs right from your garden. Making a dish out of it allows you to not only enjoy fresh food but also gives you a sense of accomplishment. On top of enjoying the economic benefits, it is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends.

6. Smoked food

Smoked fish is among the most enjoyed food in Nordic countries. The technique was initially used for preservation, but it turned out to be a great way or rewarding the taste buds. But fish is not the only food that is smoked. You will be impressed by smoked beef marrow. The dishes are served with scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, and the best Nordic salads.

For foodie travellers, there is nothing more exciting than tasting new food, learning foreign cuisines, and trying them out. The Nordic food trends above are something you want to try out in your kitchen. You will enjoy every bit of the experience.


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