Garden of the Gods Park, the view from the best restaurants in Colorado Springs.

4 Best Restaurants in Colorado Springs

Last Updated on September 11, 2023

With its rocky mountains, calm lakes, and endless hiking trails, Colorado serves some of the most amazing views in the whole of America. But, almost everyone knows that already. What many do not know is that the stunning views are not what Colorado is all about. The city also boasts a rich food heritage, with diverse and captivating cuisines. For those seeking a seamless journey across these culinary delights, consider using Centennial Worldwide. And explore these amazing restaurants that are proudly dedicated to treating tourists and locals alike to international and local sensations.

TAKEAWAY: As shown in the picture above, the Garden of the Gods is a public park and National Natural Landmark of Colorado Springs. It received its curious name in 1859, when some surveyors that had just set up Colorado City found these amazing sandstone formations. One of them mentioned that it would be a great place for a beer garden, while another answered “Beer Garden! Why it is a fit place for the Gods to assemble. We will call it the Garden of the Gods.” And so they did.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Colorado Springs:

Best Service: Penrose Room at The Broadmoor

Historic in every sense of the word, this restaurant has been around since 1961, and it thrives on a reputation for serving the best classic dishes in Colorado. If you are one for accolades, the Penrose Room takes pride in being the only Five-Star and Five-Diamond eatery in the region. The restaurant lies right on the top floor of the Broadmoor South, and the amazing views of the Cheyenne Mountain could serve as motivation enough to eat there.

The staff is all top-notch, and the customer service is nothing short of enviable. There’s a diverse range of pleasant American and French cuisines that you would, no doubt, enjoy. An extensive list of European wines is also available to complement your meal, and, if you fancy, there is always live entertainment and dancing. Gentlemen are strictly not allowed to come in shorts or sportswear and you’ll be paying a service charge of 20% in addition to your bills. I bet you can’t expect anything short of stellar service.

Best Value: The Margarita at Pine Creek

Located in a calm area of Colorado Springs, the restaurant brings you closer to nature with the serenity of the environment. If you are at peace with the outside, you would love the interior of The Margarita even more. The restaurant is popular for its simple, contemporary cuisine and the super-friendly staff could make the place pass for home. There’s a sense of purpose about this restaurant, and they make extra efforts to accommodate all kinds of people. There’s almost every kind of fantastic salad you can think of, and there are special dishes for vegetarians. The menus vary with the season, and there is a particular emphasis on locally sourced ingredients.

Expectedly, the menus of this restaurant are quite cheap. With less than $15, you could treat yourself to the Beef Barbacoa Tostada, Turkey Cobb Wrap, Margarita’s Sesame Chicken Salad or any of the other diverse American and International cuisines available. Additionally, there is a full bar rich in martini and margarita, as well as varieties of exquisite wine. The restaurant is typically non-smoking, but there is an outdoor smoking area provided.

Best Ambience: Swiss Chalet at Woodland Park

If you are looking to dine in a calm and welcoming atmosphere, there is hardly any better place in Colorado Springs. The Swiss Chalet is strategically located in a relaxed atmosphere while it offers breathtaking views of the Pikes Peak. The restaurant management clearly makes good use of the location. The atmosphere inside the restaurant couldn’t be calmer. Moreover, you could choose to enjoy dinner alone (or with someone) in a quaint dining room or as a family out on the comfortable patio.

Continental and European dishes are on the menu. And as you could have guessed from the name, you can enjoy all the Swiss specials here. There is a rich wine list to match and this is one place you won’t mind frequenting. Customer service is just adequate, making this cute looking restaurant a favorite for many.

Best overall: Carlos’ Bistro

There is hardly any debate about the status of this beautiful place as the crown prince of all Colorado restaurants. On many days, you are met right at the front door by Carlos himself. But this is not the only warm greeting you’ll be getting. The warm sensation from the kitchen fills your nostrils, and your salivary glands get to work immediately. You won’t be kept waiting for long though. Prompt service by very friendly and courteous staff is another hallmark of Carlos’ Bistro.

And the food doesn’t disappoint a bit. You might have a field day choosing from the variety on offer. Whatever you finally settle for, you can be sure you’ll be giving your taste buds an executive treat. There seems to be a consensus that the service here is pricey, but you’ll be getting every bit of your money in the quality provided. Carlos’ Bistro is a haven for foodies and a place that could turn anyone into a binge eater. If we had our way, this restaurant would appear in all the other categories.


There you have it. Those are the best restaurants in Colorado Springs. The next time you are out enjoying the beautiful Colorado scenery, pop by at any of these places and treat yourself to some of the best meals around. Keep in mind that the menu list in Colorado restaurants is almost always diverse. You would certainly have a field day making your choice. And if you are feeling like traveling through the US to eat at other top places, check the 5 best celebrity chef restaurants in Las Vegas or these 5 Pittsburgh restaurants foodies can’t miss.

If you are an International traveler looking to visit Colorado, you should be aware there are some requirements for traveling to the USA. Here are the must-have documents for tourists before you can be allowed into the country: International Passport, Visa, Visitor insurance, ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) for visitors that are allowed to travel under the VWP (Visa Waiver Program). To know more about what do you need to travel to USA, read this blog article about requirements for traveling to the USA.

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