Best wildlife destinations for a honeymoon

Best Wildlife Destinations for a Honeymoon

Last Updated on October 26, 2023

The idea of a honeymoon destination is prone to vary from one couple to another, but few newlyweds can resist the temptation of spending their post nuptial days in the company of amazing wildlife, miles from nowhere.

Picture this! You and your couple immersing in a wild and remote escape, enveloped by lush jungles with wild animal calls resounding throughout the night, bound to be unprecedentedly thrilling as well as romantic.

In order to easily guide you to an exotic getaway, here are some of the top places where safari honeymoons will have a once in a lifetime experience. Indulge in the luxuries of the wild and at the same time add a dash of romance to your safari experience.

Yellowstone National Park, USA

The amazing and diverse wildlife of Yellowstone National Park is as famous, if not more, than its hot geysers and steam vents that attract millions of people from all over the world.

The park is spread over 2.2 million acres and has five entry points, so it is advisable to do adequate research before you proceed on your romantic getaway.

Yellowstone is easily accessible from all over the US but regardless of your arrival mode honeymooners should be prepared to experience astonishing natural wonders and wildlife around every turn.

The focus on nature and the wide open spaces have created a natural socially distant environment which couples truly adore because of its safety and easy accessibility.

Gorilla safari, Uganda

More post-marriage memorable moments are in store when you and your partner gaze into the eyes of a giant silverback in the tropical forests of the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.

This priceless experience is best enjoyed on a honeymoon where you get up to an hour to spend time with these beguiling beasts. Without doubt this is the ultimate wildlife encounter which needs to be shared with someone special.

During the visit, you will stay at the Volcanoes Safari Virunga Lodge,voted as one of the best romantic retreats in Africa. Here you get to see awesome views of the park’s lakes and the imposing volcanoes on the Virunga mountain.You will find it easy to fall in love with the place.

Bush and beach experience, Tanzania

Tanzania is a leading safari destination in Africa and promises a fabulous honeymoon experience.Get amazed by the most spectacular wildlife spectacle in the world as you and your partner gaze at millions of animals migrating across the plains of the Serengeti to the Masai Mara in Kenya for greener pastures.

Show your beloved some unforgettable views of the largest intact caldera in the world, the famous Ngorongoro Crater, a place teeming with thousands of animals including the Big 5. Stay at the romantic And Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge for an intimate holiday.

Active honeymoon, Costa Rica

If lazing on a beach isn’t your idea of a perfect honeymoon then perhaps you should consider a romantic trip to Costa Rica for something more active.

Costa Rica is a fantastic destination for combining safari with hiking and other outdoor activities with optional beach time. This country has the additional benefit of being both a great value safari destination and suits those couples looking for an exciting honeymoon experience on a fixed budget.

Costa Rica’s name has been synonymous with everything an unspoiled paradise should be. This eco-tourist dream is blessed with unrivaled biodiversity and is a treat for the senses and a virtual treasure trove of some of the most amazing wildlife experiences whilst staying in stunning resorts.

Sleeping under the stars, Botswana

If you are looking to infuse a big dose of romance on your safari honeymoon holiday, then look no further than the Okavango Delta in Botswana, by far the most idyllic place for a honeymoon in Africa.

You will find nothing more magical than drifting in a dugout canoe with your beloved along the endless labyrinth of waterways spotting wild animals and mesmerizing birdlife.

To make your honeymoon safari all the more memorable, enjoy a candle-lit bubble bath in a private terrace of a luxurious camp and sleep under the stars in a deluxe star-bed.

Kenya for a true Out of Africa experience

Masai Mara in Kenya, is known the world over for being crowded and extremely busy, especially during the great migration season. That said, couples seeking blissful moments in this iconic place should not get disappointed as you can escape the hordes and relish the beauty at Angama Mara, site of the blockbuster movie, Out of Africa.

Enjoy a sumptuous champagne picnic at sunrise or sunset or choose to glide over the Mara in a hot-air balloon to view wildlife from above or simply marvel at the sweeping 180 ° views of the sweeping plains of the Masai Mara.

This is game-rich country with all the Big 5,the great wildebeest migration and a variety of other predators and herbivores. Go on a guided walking safari, hand in hand with your partner, in the open savanna and tuck in a picnic at any of the vantage points enroute.

Walking safaris, Zambia

If you are seeking solitude on your African honeymoon safari, a destination which stands out for a true back to nature experience is the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, the place where walking safaris all started.

South Luangwa offers couples an extraordinary personal interaction with wild animals without the confines of a 4×4 vehicle. As you walk with your soulmate through the bush you smell, see and even touch things which can never be done on a regular game drive.

Imagine the thrill of tracking wild elephants on foot,crouched on your knees in absolute silence or watching in hushed anticipation a leopard returning to a kill stashed on a tree. End your safari with a spectacular helicopter ride over the thundering Victoria Falls and marvel at the power of the mighty Zambezi river.

Hanuma Bay, Oahu

Every year thousands of couples head to the islands of Hawaii to spend their honeymoon and it is easy to understand why. Hanauma Bay, once an active volcanic crater is today a massive marine life conservation area and underwater park which obtained protection in 1967.

First time visitors are required to watch a nine minute video before gaining entry to the park in order to learn the rules and gain an insight on marine life preservation. This stunning destination is located on the southeast side of Oahu island.

The pristine ecosystem allows nature lovers to snorkel and explore the amazing and diverse marine wildlife which has made home in this area. You can expect to see hundreds of species of fish and other aquatic creatures while exploring the reserve.

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