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5 Best Beer Cities In The World

Last Updated on May 2, 2023

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and it carries a long history that has developed over hundreds of years. People everywhere enjoy drinking this cold beverage because there is something pretty relaxing in sitting in the sun with your friends while having a round. This international love offers an excellent opportunity to travel to the top beer cities in search of the best ale.

Nowadays, there are many breweries making quality ale and attracting tourism from beer lovers. Accordingly, there are many types of beer, and their taste depends on the water they are made with. That means each beer is unique. So if you want to taste every variety, start traveling. To help you in this adventure, I have made a list of the best beer cities you have to visit if you consider yourself a true beer lover.


It would be rude not to when in Dublin ☘️

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First on the list is Dublin. This Irish city is well-known thanks to one of the most recognizable beers worldwide. Yes, I am talking about Guinness. Guinness was first concocted by Arthur Guinness back in 1759 and is considered a prominent symbol of Dublin. As you can guess, this traditional brand is the typically served beer in Irish pubs.

Besides Guinness, the city is also known for its more than 600 pubs. So I don’t think that you can walk through the city and don’t sip a beer. In Dublin, you can also find a lot of small local breweries that make excellent ale. Moreover, the Guinness Storehouse is one of the favorite attractions of tourists, so if you count yourself as a beer enthusiast, Dublin is a must visit place for you.


TAKEAWAY: Did you know that the Czech drink more beer than any other nation in the whole world? They even drink more beer than the Germans. In fact, in Prague, there are lots of pubs and bars offering more than 30 different brands of this cold beverage to satisfy its citizens’ thirst.

The capital of the Czech Republic is also a known beer Meka. Czechia has a lengthy and interesting beer history. If you like beer from local breweries, don’t worry because Prague is full of them. Some of the best-known ales made in or near Prague are Staropramen, Kozel, and Pilsner. In May, Prague hosts the Czech Beer Festival where you can enjoy about 70 types of beer. This makes it the perfect month to take a trip to the capital. Finally, a small tip: when you visit Prague, don’t miss the “Fleka,” the oldest beer pub in the world.


As a beer lover, Brussels is definitely a city you need to visit. At first, it might not sound like the perfect town for a beer enthusiast. Nonetheless, Belgium is well known for being one of the countries with the best know-how in brewing, and that is saying something. Additionally, they develop most of the beer-making equipment and market several varieties of ale.

While Brussels is a bit of an undiscovered place for the beer aficionado, you won’t be disappointed if you visit it. Even if you are traveling with someone who doesn’t share your passion for this brew, you don’t have to worry because Brussels has a lot to offer on the cultural, historical and culinary fields too. For instance, you can learn more about Trappist beers and other Belgian foods and drinks in this article about 5 Lesser Known Belgian Food Traditions.


Let’s move from Europe to North America, specifically to the largest city in Canada. Montreal is home to an outstanding variety of beers and breweries. What’s more, the oldest brewery in North America, Molson Brewery, is located in this Canadian city.

French is the official language so you can get a clue why Montreal has a similar beer culture to Prague or Brussels. Hence, you can enjoy a Belgian beer similar to one of Brussels’s, but from across the pond. You will feel like at home when you try their excellent beer and talk with their wonderful people.


Portland is the United States’ beer Meka. In this city in the west-coast state or Oregon, you can find more than 50 breweries. So, as you can imagine, is a great place for every beer lover in North America.

The fact that ale production influences the city’s economy is one of the best signs for you to take Portland seriously as a beer city. Furthermore, in most bars, you can taste over 50 kinds of beers. If you come to Portland, take time and visit the McMenamins breweries. They provide a unique experience for all beer fans.

As you know, you can have a beer in almost every corner of the world. However, if you are a kind of an expert in this historical alcoholic beverage, you might want to taste the best ones. And I assure you that, if you travel to these 5 beer cities around the world, you will get to try the most sublime ales.

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