Things to do in Singapore

7 Best Things to Do in Singapore

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

If you are planning to visit Singapore for a vacation, there are numerous things that you can do. Some people visit Singapore with their families while others come here to work or do business. Either way, Singapore has got you covered through its numerous attractions when you choose to visit this wonderful country. According to travel experts, most of the attraction sites in Singapore are not as expensive as other places in the world. Allow us to take you through the top seven attractions in Singapore.

Universal Studios Singapore


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This is more than a fun location for all family members to enjoy. Although this theme park is supposed to amuse kids with all of its interesting features more than adults, surprisingly, adults also enjoy everything about it. It is commonly referred to as a sci-fi city that includes rides, roller coasters, and other activities to please all ages. There are even themed games.

Gardens by the Bay

This nature park is easily accessed due to its central location. Both kids and adults will enjoy visiting this place to look at the gigantic trees that are lit by the night. The amazing gardens are a mix of nature, architectural design, and technology. The over 100 hectares of land will definitely amuse the entire family and provide a relaxing place for picnics and outdoor family games.

A Visit to Sentosa Island


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For beach life lovers, Sentosa Island is an excellent place to visit. Enjoy the water activities and other beach plans. Although it is usually crowded with visitors from different parts of the world, it remains a tranquil beach. To access Sentosa, you need to use either the MRT, which is fast and cheap or use an organized bus transport system. You can make all of these arrangements through One Visa agents before traveling from your country. They will make your trip to Singapore a memorable one and less costly.

Singapore Zoo

A visit to the Singapore zoo is epic for every visitor. It is a vast natural habitat that is well-preserved. It is home to different species of animals and plants. While here, you can enjoy watching different types of birds as a part of nature. Animals that are popular here include monkeys, bears, elephants, and white tigers, among many others. It is better to visit through an organized tour so that they can give you an experienced guide. The tour will guide you through one of the best and most memorable experiences in Singapore. The best part is when you decide to have a jungle breakfast. And it gets even more exciting when the friendly Orangutans interact with you and join for a bite of your fruit!

Singapore Grand Prix

TAKEAWAY: Although it is not often spoken about, the Grand Prix is for those with a liking for motor racing. It is part of Formula 1 races. And watching it can be thrilling. Before you go, it is recommended to get tickets online for you and your friends or family to this racing arena. And it is better to visit the Grand Prix over the weekend or when they have major competitions.

Food Festival in Lion City


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If you are lucky enough to visit the Lion City in July, the Singapore food festival is usually held around this time. This amazing food festival gives visitors an opportunity to sample different types of food to explore Singaporean cuisine. Visitor come from all over the world to participate in the festival. If you visit at any other time, the hawkers’ stalls will also give you a memorable experience.

Besides the local seafood dishes, spicy Indian food, and mouthwatering Chinese food, the locals who eat at these stalls are very friendly. For fast food lovers, international food outlets are mostly located in busy shopping malls. And those who want to dine in style can choose from a range of restaurants around Singapore. For instance, the Marina Bay Sands complex has some of the best restaurants and bars with great views at the rooftop.

Singapore City Tour

This is the best thing to do as soon as you land in Singapore. It is also common for people who are in transit and want to get a quick view of the city as they wait for their connecting flight. The city tour takes half a day in an organized bus. It lets visitors see the popular icons around the city, view historical sites, and learn a few things about the city thanks to the tour guide. For better memories, you will want to have a good camera to take photos in various locations. It is also an opportunity to interact with other tourists and visitors whom you are sharing the bus with.

These are some of the best and most popular things to do in Singapore but the city offers many other attractions and activities for everyone to have a great time. If you love culture and history, you can visit the museums, China Town, or Little India to interact and explore different cultures and cuisines.


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