Food Tour Bucket List: Top Destinations and Dishes to Try

Food Tour Bucket List: Top Destinations and Dishes to Try

Last Updated on April 30, 2023

If you are a foodie or want to go on a food tour around the world, there are a few countries where you should spend extra time eating your way through. While every country has something delicious to discover and enjoy, these countries are the ones that have become famous for the food they offer. 

Best food tours in the world and dishes you should try


Regarding Food Tours, none are complete without a stop in Thailand. Famous for having the best street food on the planet, Thai dishes are full of fresh, local ingredients and cooked perfectly. Unfortunately, two of the best dishes to try have been Westernized far too much outside of Thailand; Thai green curry and Pad Thai are packed with flavor and have all the nuance and zing you cannot find outside the country.


Another country that has transformed food culture globally is India. A land filled with herbs, spice, and so much flavor you don’t know where to start, this ancient country is unique for having many delicious vegetarian and meat-based meals. Much like Thailand, India is packed with delicious street food; some of the best options are potato patties, samosas, and butter chicken, all of which can be washed down with an ice-cold lassi. 


France has been a foodie hub for decades, possibly centuries. Famed for producing many of the best chefs in the world and having several of the world’s best restaurants, there isn’t a corner of the country that won’t have some of the best foods you’ve ever eaten. While there is no one meal to eat, France is about eating experiences; a fresh croissant for breakfast, a baguette, cold meat and cheese for lunch, and bottles of red wine and champagne; it is about eating and drinking everything you can. 


One of the most underrated foodie destinations in the world, Mexico is the birthplace of many common foods we regularly enjoy. They have a strong street food culture and an emphasis on fresh ingredients. Some hits include Chilaquiles, Tacos al pastor, tostadas, fresh mole, and guacamole, not to mention a glass or two of the world-class tequila you can find almost anywhere. 


Vietnam has been a hidden gem in the world of food for many years now. While people who have been there can attest to the delicious and very affordable meals they have to offer, Vietnam hasn’t received the recognition it deserves on the world stage. The first thing you try has to be a bowl of pho, a rice noodle dish served with beef and vegetables in a rich broth. Bun cha ca is a crispy fish cake and a must-try in Hanoi as they are nearly impossible to find outside the city. 

New York

While many cities in the US have a solid and long food culture, New York is the only food place. The city has different cultures, people, food, and flavors. Strangely, but not surprisingly, many believe New York is the place to get a slice of pizza better than anything in Italy. While there is far more to eat and enjoy, a New York slice is essential for every visitor. 


Another stop you need to make is in Japan. Osaka, in particular, is jam-packed with fine-dining restaurants, cafes, street vendors, and everything in between. Japan is widely recognized as a country that has perfected small but mind-blowingly good meals and snacks. 

While fresh sushi and sashimi are a must, a katsu curry is another meal that can’t be missed. Freshly cooked rice is topped with a piece of crispy meat of your choice and then covered in a delicious and sumptuous curry sauce. 


Like New York, London has become a mecca for foodies due to the variety of cultures and cuisines that call the city home. While English foods don’t have the best reputation, there are a few meals you have to try. Classics like a Beef Wellington, and fish and chips, are unmissable, while curry is another dish you can’t skip out on trying. The chicken tikka masala was invented in England, and several London restaurants have perfected it. 

Cape Town

Finally, Cape Town is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with its cheap but delicious foods being one of the main reasons why. With English, Dutch, Indian, Native African, and Malay influences, the food in Cape Town is as eclectic as its people. However, the one thing everyone must try is a braai. A braai simply means cooking food over a fire; steak, chops, chicken, and boerewors are a few of the favorite choices, with the braai infusing a delicious, smoky flavor into all the food. 

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