5 Ways to Increase Your Home Security While on Vacation

5 Ways to Increase Your Home Security While on Vacation

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

When you’re embarking on a new travel adventure, the last thing you want to spend time thinking about is your home security. Whether you’re traveling abroad for weeks at a time, or just heading out of town for the weekend, here are a few ways to increase your home security while on vacation. 

1. Invest in a smart home security system

There are plenty of inexpensive, easy to install home security systems available today, most of which are operable from your phone and can even connect with smart smoke detectors and CO2 alarms. 

These systems can be either self-install or installed by a technician. The ones that you install yourself typically include sensors that you can place on your doors and windows, as well as motion sensors, that are then connected by wifi to a central hub in your home. Once you connect everything through the company’s app, you can then turn the system on and off using your phone. 

If the system is installed by a technician, he or she will come to your home and place the sensors for you. These types of systems can be more expensive than the self-installed ones, but they may have additional failsafe features like locally-based monitoring agents, etc. 

You can also install remotely controlled security cameras, which can alert you via your smartphone if they detect movement. 

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2. Stay off social media

As tempting as it may be to post those beautiful sunset vacation pics on your Instagram, wait until you get back home to do so. Tech-savvy criminals pay attention to online indicators of absent homeowners, just as they might keep a watch on a house to see when the owners are typically away during the day.

3. Set timers on your interior lights

Timers for interior lights can create the illusion that someone is home, and are inexpensive and easy to set up. You can get them at any home store, like Home Depot or Lowe’s, and set them before you leave. 

Set different lights on different timers—for example, your downstairs lights may go on around 5:30pm, while your upstairs ones would turn on around 9.

4. Add exterior lighting


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If you don’t have any exterior lights set up, take the time to install a few before you leave. These should illuminate areas like your doorways, the corners of your home, and your backyard. Any spaces that are dark and easy to hide in should be lit up if possible. 

These can also be set on timers so you don’t have to leave them on the entire time you’re gone. 

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5. Ask a neighbor to check in

Be sure to let your neighbors know that you’ll be out of town, and how long you’ll be gone. Give a friend or neighbor a spare key—don’t hide any outside your home—and ask them to check in on your home once or twice. 

By taking a few precautions before you leave, you can significantly increase your home security while on vacation. Happy traveling!


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