How To Remodel Your Pantry In 5 Steps

How To Remodel Your Pantry In 5 Steps

Last Updated on May 29, 2023

A kitchen pantry is a luxury that everyone likes having in their homes. It is an extra space for you to store food and other kitchen items. And even though pantries are often small, that doesn’t mean they cannot look amazing, complement the kitchen style and provide enough storage. So, if you are thinking about remodeling your pantry to be more functional and look amazing, here are some easy steps and tips. 

1. First Declutter and Clean

Start by clearing everything out of the pantry and see what you have. Check the expiration date on any food you might’ve stored in there and get rid of items that are no longer usable. Then, see which things you would like to keep and put them aside. The next step is cleaning the pantry. If you have shelves in there, make sure to dust them and clean any spilled food or leaks. You can use a damp cloth with a touch of detergent to clean everything. After all the cleaning is done, you can start thinking about how to upgrade this space and maximize its use. 

2. Consider Insulation 

Your home is probably insulated, but check if that’s the case with the pantry, too. If not, you might want to consider adding that extra layer of insulation. Why? Well because you will store food in there, and this space should be at an optimal temperature. You don’t want for your pantry to get too hot, as food might spoil faster. If you are looking for experts and advice on insulation, you can find it here, or you can simply see what local experts have to say. Once the insulation is set, you can move on to the more creative part. 

3. Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint

Even though pantries are often kept closed, that doesn’t mean that can’t have a little lift. You can easily lift the mood and spirits of your pantry with a fresh coat of paint. If you wish, you can pick a color that you already have in the kitchen and make the pantry an extension of that style. On the other hand, you can even pick a bright and bold color that will provide a breath of life to the pantry. For example, bright shades of purple and pink can look amazing in a small space, and they will certainly lift the pantry up. 

4. Display Your Foods in Fancy Containers

Instead of keeping dry foods in their original boxes, you can keep the pantry fun and organized by keeping the food in glass containers. You can easily store all your kinds of pasta and dry fruits in glass containers and label everything. You can also arrange your spices in the same way, flour, and many other dry ingredients. As far as cans and other items are concerned, you can use organizers to keep everything looking clean. And if you have any other preferred method of organizing food and keeping it fresh, put that to use. There are no limitations here, as long as you love how everything looks and is easy to find. 

5. Pay Attention to the Flooring

If you have a walk-in pantry, you can make the space feel homely by paying attention to the flooring. To provide texture and warmth, you can pick a smaller area rug in your favorite color. On the other hand, if you like to keep things simple, you can upgrade the flooring by laying tiles or easy-to-clean wood. This will make cleaning much easier in case some food spills.

Even though pantries are rather small, that doesn’t mean they should be neglected. They are an extension of your kitchen and a safe space to store your food. So, a bit of remodeling can do wonders for this tight space.

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