A great example of Moroccan cuisine: couscous and mint tea.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Moroccan Cuisine

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

Travel and food have a very close relationship. If you love food, you’ll go to many different places, and if you love traveling, you’ll eventually come across spice-laden food in every corner of the world. Are you looking for a foodie’s kind of adventure? Give a chance to the mesmerizing beauty and super delicious flavors of Moroccan cuisine. Food is like a faith in the country, the way it is served brings people closer and a moment of harmony is shared at the table. So no matter if it’s at a roadside cafe or in a restaurant, a fantastic series of local Moroccan dishes will always amaze your senses.

The Table Adventure in Morocco

There is an extensive range of adventure-filled activities that one can opt for, but one thing that brings thrill and excitement together is when food is served on the table. If you’re a passionate traveler or your taste buds are craving for new spices, Morocco is the right choice to make. There are many different types of cuisines that one can try in this country. Moroccan tajine might be the most famous among tourists, but there are some things that only locals know.

Couscous is legend

Discussion of Moroccan food is completely useless without the mention of couscous. Couscous is the national dish of the country. It is believed that this dish is specifically made on Fridays, but it’s not true. However, there’s no doubt this dish is treated as one of the VIP cuisines and is present on almost every special occasion. The fun fact is that couscous has many different recipes according to Mediterranean gastronomies. Therefore, vegetarians and non-vegetarians both can enjoy it.

TAKEAWAY: Couscous is a type of North African semolina in granules made from crushed durum wheat. This dish symbolizes luck and blessings and it is traditionally served with some meat or vegetable. A festive molded couscous dish containing chicken, vegetables, and spices, steamed in a mold and decorated with orange slices is called “Cuscuz de Galinha.”

Treasure Taste of Roasted Lamb

Lamb is one of the most famous ingredients in Arabic cuisine, and you can find this treasure in Morocco too. Roasted lamb is smoky, rich and addictive. Unlike Arabians, Moroccans like to roast it vertically in the oven and serve it with both bread and rice. Therefore, its taste is quite different from the Arabian lamb.

B’stilla from Andalusia

Reading history, you would know that the culture of Morocco is the finest blend of Spanish, French and Berber’s lifestyle. This dish imported from Southern Spain has a sweet-savory taste with the list of ingredients including olives, nuts, lemon juice, ginger, chicken, saffron, and cinnamon too. As you can observe, the ingredients are quite traditional, yummy and healthy.

Cooked Salads for Vegetarians

Vegetarians don’t have to get worried about their food interests. Moroccans love adding meat in almost every dish but there are some cooked salad recipes too. You can still enjoy the taste of local Moroccan cuisines by keeping your interests in the mainstream. The good news is that couscous also has a salad recipe that is served with all of its glory. You can always ask for the ingredients before hitting an order in a restaurant.

Drinks Other Than Mint Tea

Oh! We all know that mint tea is so refreshing and very popular in Morocco, but there are some other drinks you can try too. Fresh orange juice or Qahwa, which is the word for coffee in Arabic, are other hot and cold beverages you could have. Finally, you can find French style coffee that is served with spices and sugar.

Long story short, the Moroccans have a special taste in food. It is the blend of some colorful, aromatic and delicious spices. Moreover, one of the best things about Moroccan cuisine is the healthy ingredients. Most of the spices are homemade, and authentic food items are cooked with some really quick recipes.

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