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8 A-List Street Foods At Broadway Bites

Last Updated on March 22, 2023

Broadway Bites is a pop-up outdoor food market showcasing NYC’s best and brightest street foods. From Korean BBQ to Mexican soul food, the ethnically diverse cuisine has something for everyone, so you won’t leave with an empty hand or empty stomach! Broadway Bites welcomes bold spice-lovers, mild and mellow foodies, craft beer enthusiasts, vegans and everyone in between.

Katsu Bites

Katsu bites are a Japanese street food favorite! These tasty balls come in your choice of chicken, beef or veggies encrusted in Japanese bread crumbs for a satisfying crunch. Drizzled with Tonkatsu Sauce and Kewpie Mayo to add another dimension of flavor, katsu bites can be eaten alone on a stick or over a dish of rice and curry.

Sushi Burritos

All the fun of sushi with the convenience of a burrito! Morphing Japanese and Latino culture to create the sushi burrito paved the way to eat sushi on the go. This food trend has been gaining steam since its inception in 2015, and now many restaurants offer it. Start off with brown or white rice and your choice of meat or fish. Then add as many colorful toppings as you want, such as carrots, red cabbage or cucumber. And don’t forget to make it saucy with hoisin or jalapeño aioli. Your delightful little creation is packaged in nori seaweed wrap. Go ahead and grab it- this is the only time it’s acceptable to eat sushi with your hands!

Rice Burgers

Ramen burgers were all the rage a few years back. Now a new player has taken the stage and his name is Rice Burger. By using sticky rice – the same kind that is used in sushi- it’s packed into patty form and brushed lightly with soy sauce. Cooked until crispy, the rice burger is multi-functional to fit roasted duck or sliced pork, garnished with scallions and a honey ginger sauce. Hey, sometimes you just don’t want bread as your bun!

TAKEAWAY: Broadway Bites is s hub for the latest street food trends. In fact, it is even considered ahead of the curve when it comes to unique eats. The modern palate is always searching for something fresh, new and exciting and Broadway Bites vendors cater to that. By taking a spin on traditional foods or creating trendsetting innovations, this outdoor market brings together people from all walks of life. From busy workers on their lunch break to wide-eyed tourists, Broadway Bites unites through food. A must-visit for foodies and food bloggers in the NYC area, for sure!

Craft Beer

Only in New York City would we find a pop-up stand that serves beer in the daytime. You’ll likely strike up a conversation about brewing techniques at the counter either with the bartender or fellow craft beer fans in line. Not only do they advocate for craft beer, but they also showcase the best drafts from local breweries. Weather looking for a lunchtime buzz before heading back to the office or completely finished for the day and feel that you deserve a reward, you’re in the right place.

Mochi ice cream

Mochi amps up your expectations with a cool twist on ice cream. A traditional Japanese treat, mochi is made of a special type of rice that is pounded and then molded into any shape, mirroring the consistency of dough. Did I mention it’s gluten free? The mocha mold is filled with all kinds of ice cream flavors to appease your deepest desires and stomach growls. Keep it sweet with a passionfruit mango mocha or be #basic with ever-the well-known salted caramel option. Adventurous eaters try more daring flavors like lychee colada, black sesame, and Azuki red bean. Pop a mochi in your mouth and be drifted away! And if you would like to know some other delicious Japanese dishes, check “11 Must-Try Foods In Japan“.

Chicken and Waffles

Your average chicken and waffles experience taken to the next level. Forget the plate, you can literally have chicken inside a waffle cone at Broadway Bites. Although simple, the novelty is in the presentation. Besides, it’s the easiest way to walk and eat chicken! This is a must-eat for those foodies who love to finish everything on their plate and leave no crumb left behind. Start at the top with the hand breaded nuggets tossed in a variety of dry spices, then take a bite out of the waffle cone. The cone has a hint of sweetness to mimic maple syrup and complement the spice of the chicken. Yin and Yang found their match.

Matzah Sandwich

No need to wait until Passover to enjoy a delicious matzah sandwich. When people think of matzah, the word “exciting” rarely comes to mind. The near-flavorless flat cracker doesn’t have much character on its own, but stack the Kosher creation with a multitude of toppings and you’ve got a masterpiece. Vegetarian-friendly matzah sandwiches are comprised of layers of fresh spinach, mushrooms and avocado between melted layers of mozzarella or cheddar jack cheese. Dive in before it gets soggy!

Marshmallow Tacos

Marshmallows aren’t just for kids around the campfire – they are for adults who know how to live life to the fullest. Indulge in this decadent dessert made of handcrafted pillows from heaven. Try the Mississippi mud pie flavor, topped with a rich chocolate sauce drizzle and sprinkles in a chocolate dipped waffle cone taco shell. Caution: Bring your sweet tooth!

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