10 Best Restaurants to Try in Paris

10 Best Restaurants to Try in Paris

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Paris is the capital city of France and is known for its many attributes. It is also known as the capital of arts, fashion, and cuisine. The gastronomy level of the city is on another horizon altogether. The Parisians take their food as seriously as the Everygame casino bonus takes gaming seriously. French Cuisine is known worldwide for its finesse, but in Paris, you will find that every item on the menu is prepared with a delicacy not to be found anywhere else in the world! Here are the 10 best restaurants to try in Paris.

This list includes a combination of the best food and gastronomy experiences. It was difficult to pin down the list to the top ten as Paris is one of the top food destinations, and there is no shortage of classical restaurants there, but here is a humble try from a foodie to other foodies!

Best Restaurants to Try in Paris

Food is a serious business for the French, who take pride in serving the best to their customers. The restaurants listed below are not just known for their food but for the way they serve it and how they do it. Most of them are Michelin-starred and have been maintaining these stars for years.

They might be expensive, but believe me, the experience they offer is worth it! There are others on the list that are not starred but still give an unmatched experience that you will remember for some time to come!

Guy Savoy


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“Cooking is the art of instantly transforming products that are steeped in history into joy.” So says the owner of the restaurant. Declared the best restaurant in the world in 2020, Guy Savoy is the most expensive restaurant in Paris and is definitely the most exquisite experience.

Guy Savoy started his restaurant in 1980 and had achieved two stars by 1985, but the third star came 20 years later, in 2000. Since then, Guy Savoy has maintained his reputation as a chef and restaurateur. His restaurants are known for their exquisite cuisine and gastronomy experience.

They offer an exquisite combination of contemporary and cultural French Cuisine. If you can afford it, Guy Savoy is a Paris experience that you will never forget.

Le Fouquet’s Paris

Le Fouquet’s Paris is an experience in itself. Situated at the crossroad for Champs-Elysées and Avenue Georges V, it is at the center of two famous streets of Paris. It is a part of the Hotel Barriere and offers an exquisite gastronomy experience mixed with Paris’s rich culture.

The menu offered is of traditional French Cuisine along with wine pairing. You can sit and enjoy the food and the art displayed on each wall, or you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the majestic vibes of the Arc de Triomphe with your food. Or you can simply go for the wine and pulsate the rhythm of the city of lights.

Le Cinq (Four Seasons, Hotel George V)

A complete amalgamation of the finesse of luxury and nature, Le Cinq has been designed to give you an experience that is nothing short of Magnifique!! The spectacular setting, with a gastronomical experience, is set to give you memories that you will never be able to forget.

The menu is based on classic French cuisine, paired with wines selected by the award-winning Head Sommelier, Eric Beaumard. It is a three-starred Michelin Restaurant that has kept the stars for 20 years! It is, indeed, one of the best restaurants for fine dining in Paris.

Tour D’Argent

Unarguable the oldest establishment in France, Tour D’Argent is a restaurant that has kept the past alive in this city of the future. The restaurant was first opened in 1852 as an elegant Inn for noblemen. It is built of white stone that shines like a silvery light at night, hence its name Tour D’Argent!

This restaurant is the inspiration behind the famous “Ratatouille” for more than just the building. The cuisine was the other factor. It serves the ideal combination of classic and upscale French Cuisine. The diversification is so well carried out that, for a moment, you will be forced into the deliciousness of the food. The restaurant is spread over five floors, offering views of different historical landmarks.



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No matter the occasion, you can enjoy and relax at L’Espadon. It has various sites, the most popular one being the Ritz because that was where Princess Diana had her last meal.

L’Espadon is situated at different places like The Louvre and The Ritz. Though the dining style is Fine Dining, the menu is based on modern French Cuisine and offers an amazing experience to its clients.

L’as Du Fallafel


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If you get tired of fine dining ad exquisite food, then L’as du Fallafel is the place for you. Located in the Jewish center of the city, it is known for its Lebanese food like falafel and shawarma.

Unlike the restaurants mentioned above, this is no Michelin-starred restaurant but a place everyone can enjoy their food. It serves Kosher meat, but it also offers vegetarian options for those friends who don’t want to eat meat! With a small, simple dining area and a small meal, this little place competes well with Michelin-starred restaurants!

Café De Flore

If you are awed by the revolutionaries and their way of thinking, then Café De Flore is the place for you. Though it is a bit pricey, it is worth it if you can sit in the seats of great thinkers.

Like the great poet and art critic Guillaume Apollinaire, you will find the experience surreal (it is believed that he coined the term sitting here). Pablo Picasso, André Breton, Louis Aragon, Paul Reverdy, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Simone de Beauvoir frequented the place.

They serve classically French food, along with a few modern entrees. But the food is still served in the similarly designed china of the earlier times. The service is immaculate, and the history is another story altogether.

Le Relais Plaza


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Away from the classical French food and its finesse, here is a restaurant that will serve you simple, hearty, and yet French food. Set in a modern environment, this place represents modern French delights.

The food is prepared while keeping three principles in mind. Simplicity, Authenticity, and Flavor. You can experience the brasserie cuisine in a totally classical way!

Datsha Underground


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Datsha Underground is a complete experience in itself. Something you have never experienced before! You start your night with exquisite food inspired by different cuisines. The food is at its experimental best. The best chefs have mixed different recipes to create a unique dish to go with its sauces and sides.

Once the food is over, you can scroll down to the Spootnik, a Russian inspiration for their orbital success, to enjoy drinks and the expert DJs give you music to enjoy a night you will never forget!



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I am ending my list with yet another Michelin Starred restaurant because there is no other experience like that. This restaurant offers yet another gastronomical journey with aristocratic grandeur. The ambiance is based on homely comfort with impeccable service, and the food is another story. The chefs specialize in their fields and have an expert sommelier.

Together they concoct the best food for you. This restaurant offers seafood as well as meat combined artfully with seeds and vegetables. The food presented with artistry and the chateau-like mansion together will give you the experience you are looking for!


So we’ve given you ten days of amazing meals in Paris – and that’s not counting days you return to the same place because you just MUST have that other interesting item on the menu!  So go, eat, enjoy!  Let us know how it goes and if you have other gems to recommend!

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