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6 Japanese Food Bloggers To Follow

Last Updated on June 15, 2022

Whether you are wanting to cook some Japanese food, feeling nostalgic of a past Japanese trip, or living in that country now, this is a list of blogs that other Japanese foodies, like you, have created. From bento and ramen, to restaurants and dessert, these blogs can help give your kitchen that traditional Japanese environment. Many of these bloggers will interact with you through comment sections and always provide an area for new lovers of Japanese cuisine.

Little Miss Bento

Shirley Wong, otherwise known as Little Miss Bento, created this blog not only to show off her artistic abilities, but to inspire others into the art of bento. In addition to creating beautiful bento boxes and other recipes, Little Miss Bento has a “kawaii” tab which displays adorable cartoon characters in the shape of food. Wong creates art pieces of bento, sushi, pastries and other sweets too. Love the blog? You can also follow Wong on her Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Moreover, she films short videos on her YouTube channel where you can follow along with each week’s recipes. Once you make these dishes, they will be just too cute to eat!

Japan Food Addict

Mai, chef and creator of the blog Japan Food Addict, has a sea of traditional Japanese-style dishes within the tabs of the bright webpage. Japan Food Addict is easy to maneuver which makes finding recipes much easier for followers. Most of her recipes take less than 20 minutes to create, giving you plenty of time to eat them in the end! Mai has divided her recipes into several sections, depending on the main meat or ingredient within. Don’t worry, she has desserts too. Recipes are easy to read and easy to follow—you’ll become a Japanese chef in no time!

Sushi Day

Love Japan’s most iconic food? Check out Sushi Day! Allison Day shares her love and hobby of making sushi in the plentiful blogs of Sushi Day. Known as “sushi girl” to her friends, Day spends time creating new recipes and entries for her followers to learn, and posts often. The brilliant pictures show the details of her sushi and are ensued by a simple and delectable recipe. Day also includes an article dedicated to the description of sushi and a glossary with must-know ingredient names. Still have a question? Send her a comment on any blog and she will respond! This Southern Californian girl claims not to be a professional sushi chef, but with her short stories and creative recipes, she might as well be!

Una publicación compartida de Allison Day (@sushiday) el

Ramen! Ramen! Ramen!

Ramen! Ramen! Ramen! opens its page with a steamy close-up image of ramen all the time. Whether it’s a piece of juicy pork or gooey, warm eggs soaking in broth, these images will make you hungry. With a new post monthly, this blog has everything you need to know about ramen including ramen restaurants, ramen in video games, ramen in movies, different types of ramen, and color-changing ramen.

TAKEAWAY: Ramen! Ramen! Ramen! even sells ramen merchandise for the biggest fans. You can buy a pin, a magnet or a keytag through their online boutique.

Don’t really know what goes into ramen? Luckily, the site also includes a thorough glossary of ingredients and terms of one of Japan’s best, fast foods. Learn more about Ramen! Ramen! Ramen! by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (for mouth-watering pictures) and Pinterest.

Just Hungry

Just Hungry welcomes you into a world of Japanese recipes and stories. Makika Itoh has been writing her blog since 2003 and strives to reveal her love of Japanese home cooking. Born in Tokyo but now residing in France, Itoh features posts dedicated to teaching its followers cooking techniques with hundreds of Japanese and other recipes. Want more food? Just Hungry also has a sister blog known as Just Bento, highlighting “everyday lunches on the go.”

More bento vegetable sides. Veggies make your bentos colorful as well as healthy! #justbento #bento #eatyourveggies

Una publicación compartida de Makiko Itoh (@makiwi) el

Japan. Endless Discovery. Only In Japan

With dozens of articles on Japanese food, Only In Japan is a great website, overall. There are written pieces based on Osaka, or Sapporo, or even specific seasons. For example, after spending your summer in Japan eating fresh unagi (eel), during the autumn you can look forward to warm mushroom soup or sweet potato croquettes (but I’d eat those all year long). Furthermore, some articles expand on popular Japanese food jargon, that might be imperative to your stay. “Useful Japanese Vocabulary: Shochu” talks at length about the history and the ingredients that go into making this alcoholic drink. However, the best part about this site is that not only will it direct you where to find good food, you will also learn about Japan’s history and culture, see what’s fun outdoors, discover the most luxurious areas and explore the new adventures Japan holds!

These delectable food bloggers embrace Japanese cuisine while also making it their own. If you are like Makiko Itoh who’s heart will always lie in Tokyo or Allison Day who just has a passion for sushi, these blogs are great inspirations for whatever Japanese chef (or customer) you want to be. This way, you will always have Japan a part of your life.

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