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6 Foodie Instagrammers From Tokyo To Follow Right Now

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

Instagram is a great place to find the inspiration you need to prepare a delicious meal or discover new dishes. You can go anywhere all in the palm of your hand. Foodies and chefs from around the world use Instagram to their advantage by sharing pictures of mouth-watering meals and sweet desserts that will make you so hungry you can’t help but click “like.”

Japan is known to have some of the most visually appealing menu items in their restaurants, and Instagram has no shortage of Japanese food photos to back it up! Read on to find out which foodie instagrammers from Tokyo you should follow to get your daily food fix.


This Instagram account focuses on beautifully packaged bento boxes handmade by the user. A bento is common in Japanese cuisine and holds a serving of food similar to the way a lunch box might. The contents are usually made up of rice, meat, and vegetables packed tightly in a square or round shaped container.

Wappadegohann creates bento boxes that are as pleasing to look at as they surely are to eat. Using uncommon container shapes and brightly colored vegetables makes these bento boxes special. But you will always see a tightly packed portion of rice and a soft-boiled egg on the side as well. Aside from the incredible bento boxes, this Instagrammer posts simple and unique pictures of desserts and other dishes.


If you adore sweets, this Instagram account has something a little unusual to look at. Rather than showcasing photos of actual desserts, heavenly_cake is a profile that follows the trend of miniature food making, created by hand with inedible materials.

TAKEAWAY: Miniature food is exactly what it sounds like — food made to be much smaller than its actual size. Japan has a large following of these small foods. They are typically made with moldable clay and paint, but you can make them to eat as well. All you need is the proper tools and to-scale measurements.

Photo close-ups of the dishes from heavenly_cake will show you details right down to the ripples in the cream. Once you see them, it will be hard to believe the cakes are not actually real, but delectable treats fit for a mouse.

Detail is key in this Instagrammer’s work, and she also has video posts that show her creation process. If you look closely, you might be able to see some photos of real cakes that have inspired her work. Nonetheless, even the tiny versions are a spectacle that any foodie will enjoy admiring.


Oozing yolk porn on raw beef yukke (sashimi). Just randomly discovered this place and pleasantly surprised! #tokaitei #yakiniku #yukke #beefsashimi

A post shared by Japan Food Diaries 東京フーディー (@tokyofoodie) on

For anyone looking to find a nice meal in Tokyo, Tokyofoodie is the Instagram account to follow. They post photos of their preparations accompanied with their own opinion on the dish in the description. This Instagrammer covers anything from dessert to main courses, and the pictures are visually engaging and hunger inducing.

Familiar Japanese food fare is not the only thing covered by this profile. You will see things like grilled sting ray fin and raw minced meat, along with a whole lot of raw fish. If you are newly interested in Japanese cuisine, this account will definitely give you a good sample of what Tokyo has to offer.


Nicole Fung is the name of this Instagrammer, and she loves food! Thatfoodcray showcases photos of dishes primarily from Tokyo and Hong Kong. You’ll see that this traveller has had her fair share of food from other countries. However, it’s clear that Japan is one of her favorite places to post from.

A quick scroll through some of the pictures on this Instagram account is enough to make you jealous of Fung’s food journey as she gets to try some of the most beautiful cuts of wagyu beef and cute snacks located right in Tokyo. This profile has a great vibe and offers a good variety of dishes from high-rated restaurants and standard street food stands.


Like many foodies, this Instagram account owner seems to value presentation just as much as flavor. Tokyo_meshistagram has a collection of over 100 photos of purely enchanting meals that look almost too good to eat. Each photograph utilizes good lighting and camera angles to make the dish appear at its best.

Unless you can read Japanese, it might be hard to identify exactly what the pictures depict by the post’s description. However, for the foodie that can stand a bit of mystery, the images themselves are enjoyable enough. This Instagrammer is also found on its accompanying Facebook account that has even more satisfying food photos from particular dining adventures.


Who knows food better than a chef? Chef Kurihara Harumi is a Tokyo restaurateur, cookbook author, and the person behind yutorino_kukan Instagram account. Her posts feature her own creations in a simplistic and appealing way. This gives the viewer perspective on what it is like to be a chef as well as the pleasures of making and eating Japanese cuisine.

Close up shots of sweet treats from her restaurant against a neutral background makes the food pop in the picture as if it were sitting right in front of you. The occasional picture of Kurihara is the real appeal of this account. You can always find her smiling wherever she is in the picture. It is easy to tell that the joy she feels for her food comes across in each and every photo.

Although authentic Japanese food is more than just a picture, sometimes that is all a foodie can get. Instagram provides a forum for food lovers around the world to get a feel for the dishes they are missing out on without having to travel to do so. Whether you’re looking for meal inspiration or just searching for something appetizing to ogle at while waiting in line for coffee, you can find what you’re looking for from the foodie instagrammers from Tokyo.

Experience some of the best noodles, sushi, cakes, and food-inspired miniatures Tokyo has to offer by following these Instagrammers. If a picture can say a thousand words, the one word that is sure to be spoken by every one of these Instagram photos is “yum.”

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