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7 Greek Food Instagrammers You Should Be Following

Last Updated on December 29, 2018

Whether you’re in need of some dinner ideas, surfing the web, or trying to share your Greek recipes with the world, you should be following these Greek food Instagrammers. Their combination of close up succulent images and Greek restaurant destinations will make your mouth water and stomach growl. From desserts to food carts, to traditional meals, each of these sites should give you something to look at.

Greek Food

Ψητό καλαμάρι στα κάρβουνα. 🔥grilled squid with extra virgin oil.

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Greek Food embraces the traditional food of the country. With images of meals that are popular throughout Greek history, Greek Food aims to connect Greek food lovers from all over the world. And they also include the description in the Greek language in every caption. They strive to post pictures of delicious Greek food that represents the country’s cuisine. Including seafood, spinach, eggplant, lentils, sesame pastries and more! Within each post, Greek Food connects with their followers. And what’s more, it often has conversations with other food lovers either in English or Greek. 

Panos Greek Food

Sensuous meals like this roasted chicken thigh with buttered mashed potatoes garnished with honey, lemon and ginger is almost too beautiful to eat. Panos Greek Food, also known as Panagiotis, is comprised by a Greek-French Chef. The cook works events worldwide and tries to share recipes and information about Greek food through blogging. It is no wonder than this Instagram is full of elegant Greek dishes that will make you feel like you are sitting in a five-star restaurant. Yet after scrolling through the beautiful images of food that look like works of art. You can explore Panos Greek Food’s website to find out more about its mission and even recipes to make you feel like a professional chef as well.

Greek Recipes

Greek Recipes is owned by Diana Moutsopoulos who makes her own recipes and takes her own photos. The best aspect of her page is that almost all of her images have the recipe typed up right in the comments! They are simple, delectable, and always inspired by her love of Mediterranean foods. Moutsopoulos includes several different kinds of foods but mostly they are the most important meal: dessert! She has recipes for molasses cookies, cinnamon cookies, pumpkin spice latte cake, and her secret to koulourakia. This is a traditional Greek dessert usually served after Holy Saturday. But of course, you can never forget her savory potato cakes, meatballs, or braised lamb neck.

Greek Food Goddess

This appetizing image of spinach pie with feta cheese and homemade village pastry is sure to make you as for the recipe.

Greek Food Goddess is the perfect fit for this Instagrammer’s name. It is obvious to see that she loves Greek food and enjoys sharing images of it with her followers. The videos Greek Food Goddess are to die for. You can imagine the warmth of the steam on your face as you bend over the pot to inhale the flavors of this traditional Greek dish. The majority of her images on Instagram are close-ups to the dishes so that you can see every texture, shape, and ingredient in the dish. And that is the best part! It is almost as if you can feel the smooth Greek yogurt slipping down your throat. Or the savory and salty flavor of a tender piece of octopus on your tongue. Greek Food Goddess posts daily so be on the lookout for her majesty’s masterpieces.

Zeus Street Greek

Collect the whole set @olgaaxiotiis #RG #FoodHonestly

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How can Zeus Street Greek make their food look so gourmet?

“Food Honestly” is what Zeus Street Greek lives by. They pride themselves in their fresh vegetables, free-range lamb, dedicated potato farmers, daily baking, and the quality, sustainability, and integrity of the people they work with. Although based mostly out of the Sydney, Australia, area, Zeus Street Greek have a location in Perth, Australia’s west coast. And other locations up and down the east coast. While their Instagram reveals intimate images of ice cream sandwiches, pitas, and flavorful goodness to their 14,000 followers, Zeus Street Greek’s website is inviting and easy to navigate. If you want to learn more about the business, the food, or the merchandise, check out now these Greek food instagrammers!

We Love Greek Food

We Love Greek Food posts delicious and traditional Greek food images while also exploring some of the best Greek restaurants in the country. This Instagram has a plethora of different dishes from dessert drinks, to seafood, to breakfasts at restaurants or whole meals made by Greek grandmothers. With more than 28,000 followers, We Love Greek Food is always encouraging their audience. They ask them to tag their friends, suggest their favorite place to eat, enjoy recipes, and bask in the nostalgia of Greek tradition. And with daily posts, We Love Greek Food will always have new, delicious food to make your mouth water.

Greek Street Food

Open at the Queen Victoria market today till 4pm 👍🏼

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Based out of Melbourne, Australia, Greek Street Food is a food truck that travels around the area and spreading their love of Greek food. This food truck is the best place to grab a savory bite of Greek cuisine and a beer and chat it up with food adventurers like you! Greek Street Food can be found at several locations in the Melbourne area and you can find the list on their website. Feel free to follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

TAKEAWAY: Want a preview before heading over to the food truck? Look at their everyday menu to get your Greek food fix.

Thank you, Greek food instagrammers for the traditional Greek dishes, the five-star images, and the close-up pictures that make it seem like we are the ones making the food. These seven Greek food Instagrammers are only a handful of the many out there who are always excited to share their recipes and delicious photographs!

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