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7 Top Food Bloggers in Los Angeles

Last Updated on January 26, 2024

Los Angeles foodies are passionate about two things: meals and deals. It’s not always easy to find great food for a reasonable price in LA. However, locals always know the hidden gems scattered throughout the many neighborhoods that make up the city. Many food fanatics have created blogs to inform fellow foodies of the best eats of the City of Angels. Whether you are looking for your next great meal in LA or just a fan of delicious food finds, read on to learn about some of the top food bloggers in Los Angeles.

TAKEAWAY: Twice a year, in mid-January and mid-July, the city of Los Angeles presents the dine LA Restaurant Week. During two weeks, over 300 hundred high-quality restaurants from all over the city offer their menus at a fixed discounted price. This event is the perfect opportunity to dine at places you normally can’t afford or to try new culinary experiences.

Eddie Sanchez

Local to Los Angeles, Eddie Sanchez is the founder of the blog Hungry in LA. Eddie and his writing have been featured in numerous Los Angeles-based food publications, including several “top blogs to follow” lists.

The blog itself features three of Sanchez’s greatest interests: food, travel, and photography. Food guides are combined with his own photography to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing display. Each review comes with a short but sweet blurb accurately describing exactly what you’ll find at each restaurant. The travel portion of the blog includes beautiful locations to visit and stay, completed with what to do and eat.

Howard Meyers

As the editor of Consuming LA, Howard Meyers dedicates his time curating lists and guides introducing his favorite restaurants and food discoveries in LA. His love for the diverse cuisine of the city has given him a lot of material to work with in his journey to uncover all of the yummiest eateries in Los Angeles.

From standard chain restaurants like Chick-fil-A to famous hotspots like Pink’s, Meyers has covered it all. His numerous restaurant guides detail his dining experiences and offer a nice perspective on what to expect at each place. His “best of” lists are the highlight of the blog. They include detailed records of where to find the tastiest version of burgers, donuts, hot dogs and more.

Caroline Pardilla

Caroline Pardilla is the namesake and founder of the blog Caroline on Crack. Her weekend gig as an event announcer on Carson Daly’s “AMP Mornings” radio show doesn’t deter her from her passion for food. As a self-proclaimed “good time girl on a budget,” Pardilla reviews restaurants and bars with the best deals in town.

Pardilla’s blog has earned her three LA Weekly Web Awards over the years. She offers valuable critiques of food and recreational activities in Los Angeles. The main focus revolves around cocktails and alcoholic beverages. Drink recipes, budget finds, and boozy bar listicles are just a few categories you can dive into from this site.

Pat Saperstein

Pat Saperstein is the primary contributor to Eating LA The blog focuses on profiles of restaurants organized by location. The reviews cover atmosphere, food, and cocktails. Well-rounded guides on which Los Angeles restaurants would best suit your tastes make up the entire site.

Saperstein also incorporates a bit of personal history in the blog with essay-like posts recalling eateries of her past. The perspective of what restaurants were like in LA in the 60s and 70s balanced with modern experiences creates a unique and fun blog dynamic. The added bits of history allow for the reader to learn more about the food history of Los Angeles and compare it to the city’s current rise to foodie fame.

Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts is the Amateur Gourmet. His interest in food has led him to author two books and produce web content for The Food Network. The blog Roberts started in 2004 has been standing strong since the beginning. Every post detailing a recipe he has tried or a restaurant he has dined in shines with personality.

The highlight of this blog is truly the recipes, where Roberts describes his entire process from start to finish. He includes tips and tweaks he’s learned and experimented with to create the perfect dish. It is clear that this “amateur” knows exactly what he’s doing in the kitchen. He takes you through a recipe step by step with charm and entertainment value along the way.

Eater Staff

Eater is a popular website focused on food news and dining guides for cities all over the country. A subdivision of the site, Eater Los Angeles, makes up one of the most comprehensive collections of food-oriented current events in the city. From new restaurant openings to profiles on the culinary masterminds behind Los Angeles’s best cuisine, this site has it all covered.

You can find coverage organized by neighborhood or simply browse the front page for a guaranteed good read on the happenings of the Los Angeles food scene. The Eater staff does a great job of ensuring you stay up to date on all things food in whimsical La La Land.

Ben & Lisa Waters

Like the other bloggers on this list, Ben and Lisa Waters seek to showcase the food wonders of Los Angeles. Their blog, LA Foodie, showcases their restaurant visits through mouth-watering photos and videos to accompany their posts. For the Waters’, food coverage doesn’t end with their blog. The site has their own Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and Facebook accounts; and even a podcast.

The notoriety of this blog has resulted in partnership opportunities with well-known brands such as Google, Pepsi, and Verizon, as well as several local organizations. They offer social media press and live event features for sponsored partnerships, which extends the breadth of their Los Angeles food coverage and ability to reach a larger audience.

It is clear that Angelenos have a great love for their city and the great food that can be found within. For those who are craving something exciting and new to eat, or maybe just curious to know what the city has to offer, these 7 top food bloggers in Los Angeles are sure to lead you to a wonderful dining experience.


In the vast tapestry of LA’s culinary wonders, these seven food bloggers emerge as tastemakers, weaving tales of flavor, culture, and discovery. From Eddie Sanchez’s visual feast to Howard Meyers’ diverse culinary journey, each blogger adds a unique spice to the city’s vibrant palate. As they guide us through hidden gems and iconic eateries, it’s clear: LA’s love for great food is an ever-evolving saga. So, whether you’re a local seeking the next culinary adventure or a visitor eager to savor the essence of LA, let these bloggers be your delectable compass in the City of Angels. And if you’re craving more adventures, check out this travel website for many travel-related articles and infographics.

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